Wondering What to Put in a Hangover Kit? Here are 18 Ideas Wedding Guests Will Love

Posted: March 25, 2021
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Wondering What to Put in a Hangover Kit? Here are 18 Ideas Wedding Guests Will Love

Wondering what to put in a hangover kit?  We rounded up 18 fantastic ideas of items you can put inside your hangover kit so that it can be a useful destination wedding favor for everyone, even the non-drinkers.

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But before we get to all those cool goodies, you need a bag or something to put the stuff in, right? We are really excited to showcase these super cute and fully customizable hangover kit bags and toppers because they check all the boxes! They come in a variety of beautiful designs and colors to go with many wedding themes. They’re customizable so you can add your names, wedding date, and wedding destination.  They are small and lightweight, making them easy to pack and travel with. And best of all, they’re super affordable!  Check out all the wedding hangover kit designs here.

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What to Put in A Hangover Kit

Here is the fun part, what to put in a hangover kit! We came up with a list of useful items that anyone could use and for a variety of reasons, not just a “hangover.” We selected only practical items that your wedding guests may not think to pack, in travel sizes, so they fit perfectly in the hangover kit bags pictured above.

1. Hand Sanitizer

This is always a great idea to have on hand when traveling, but it has now become more essential than ever.  Your wedding guests may have bottles of hand sanitizer at home, but they may not be travel size. Or they may go through it quickly because of interacting with so many people on their journey. Having a new bottle for them to use while at your wedding celebration will be much appreciated.  Bottom line – you can never have enough hand sanitizer. These 1 or 2-ounce bottles are a good addition to your wedding hangover kit.

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2. Sunblock Packets

Everyone needs sunblock while on vacation and unfortunately, it is easily forgotten! Sunblock packets are great for the guests who forgot to bring one or ran out, plus it is the perfect size to take on an excursion.

3. Electrolyte Packets

Would a hangover kit really be complete without an electrolyte packet? I’ll let you decide.

4. Upset Stomach Reliever

This is definitely a good one to put in your hangover kit. Most wedding guests would never think to pack an upset stomach reliever.  But if they have a bad reaction to the food or drinks they consume on their trip, they might thank you for this one.

ideas to put in wedding hangover kit

5. Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup removing wipes are another popular item to include in survival kits because hotel soap can be so drying on the skin.  Your makeup wearing friends will love you for thinking of this!

6. Aloe Vera Gel

You always have that one guest who wants to do every excursion on the beach or at the pool all day and thinks there is no time to apply or reapply sunscreen. The result? A really bad sunburn. In my humble opinion, Aloe vera gel is the holy grail when it comes to easing the pain of sunburn and such a practical favor for a destination beach wedding.

7. Gum, Mints, Tic Tacs

We don’t have to explain this one, right? Everyone knows fresh breath is important.  And this is the perfectly sized item to include in your survival kits.

8. Shout Wipe & Go

You just can’t just throw your clothes in the washing machine when you are traveling and there is a good chance that you are going to get something dirty. Having Shout wipes, Tide To Go Sticks, or any other similar product available can come in really come in handy.

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9. Pain Relievers

If you were wondering what to put in a hangover kit bag, here is one item that people almost always forget to pack.  And sure, they can probably grab little packets of Tylenol, Advil, aspirin, or any other pain reliever in the resort gift shop, but it will cost an arm and a leg.   Chances are someone will need this and they will thank you in the morning.

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10. Vitamin C Packets

Hey, there are a lot of illnesses floating around in our world, so taking care of yourself is important. While vitamin C may not stop you from getting sick, some people believe that it boosts your immune system, which may help ease symptoms.

what to put in destination wedding hangover kits

11. Lip Balm with SPF

Gotta protect those lips, baby!  Lip balm is something that guys, gals, young, and old will find useful.

ideas to put in your wedidng hangover kit

12. Under Eye Mask

Alcohol, travel, sun, and lots of partying can really do a number on your skin. Many guests will wake up with puffy eyes and will truly appreciate a fancy gold gel under-eye mask like this one. A fun, practical, affordable & unexpected gift. Great for the guys and gals.

13. Ear Plugs

This can really come in handy if your destination wedding guests will be sharing a large villa or house. Some may want to go to bed early while others still party. Having earplugs available will allow them to rest comfortably.

14. Travel Size Eyedrops

Here’s another item that most travelers forget. Eyedrops will help eliminate any irritation and redness that comes from lack of sleep, too much sun, and yes– too much alcohol!

15. Bandaids

Bandaids are always a practical and useful item for your wedding survival kit.  You can’t go wrong with this one!

16. Individually Wrapped Mosquito Repellent Wipes

If your destination wedding is in a tropical setting, you will want some mosquito repellent. And the big bottles you typically have at home are too big for carry-on luggage. These individually wrapped mosquito repellent packets will be easy for guests to carry around. They can fit in a pocket or purse and will help keep those pesky critters from biting.

17. Small Snack

When you’re thinking about what to put in a hangover kit, you might overlook the really obvious and simple items like a small snack.  As obvious as it seems, a protein or granola bar is a great idea! Many of your guests will travel from long distances and may arrive at the hotel or resort late. Or they may come back to their rooms after a night of too much drinking and if the restaurants are closed, a small snack may be the only thing to help get them through the night.

18. Travel Tissue Packs

It’s always a good idea to have a travel size tissue pack around. You never know when you are going to need one. And now, they are available in decorative packets with inspirational quotes.  These are so cute!


So there you have it!   If you were wondering what to put in a Hangover Kit, you now have 18 travel-size items that can help revive your wedding guests after your blowout celebration.


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