Summer is fast-approaching, everyone. What that means, is that many people, if they haven’t started going and planning already, are thinking about going to the beach. Whether it’s for a day, a week, whatever it may be, you may be wondering some essentials to pack and bring with you; lucky for you, that’s what we’re here for. Stay tuned as we dive into the ocean of packing essentials!

Let’s pack.

No matter which beach you’re headed to this Summer (or now for that matter), what to pack versus what to avoid packing is a real struggle sometimes.

*Heads up: never pack something of too much value minus your phone(s) of course, especially if you plan on swimming and leaving your belongings for any (short or long) period(s) of time.*

Even if you plan on lying around, lounging around and doing virtually nothing, this packing guide will still apply to absolutely everyone, so stay tuned and listen up, folks!

What’s your favorite beach to frequent? Let us know how these packing essentials measure up to yours!

1. Sunscreen/Tanning Oil/Sunglasses

This is what I like to call The “Basking in the Sun” Package….If you tan easily and rarely ever burn, then maybe tanning oil is your thing; however, that doesn’t mean to not use sunscreen because everyone should regardless. Use whatever SPF is most useful/comfortable for you.

When it comes to the sunglasses portion of The “Basking in the Sun” Package, I mean, when you’re lying on the beach, you’ve gotta protect your eyes from the sun and look cool while doing so (the best of both worlds, if you ask me).

No matter what, remember this: be super safe in the sun and….have fun!

Here are some fun sunglasses to be found on Amazon!

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2. A Good Book

Reading material, if you’re a reader that is, is 100% necessary, whether we’re talking about the long car ride/potential road trip up there, or if you choose to read on the beach while chillin’ out!

If you’re a fan of reading books, then you know all too well that reading is relaxing, and let’s be honest: who doesn’t wanna relax while on the beach? Crazy people, I tell ya.

Here’s a few of my personal favorite books:

  • Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King (first in a trilogy)
  • Silence by Natasha Preston (first in a trilogy)
  • After We Collided by Anna Todd (second in a series of five)
  • Tangerine by Edward Bloor

3. Beach Chairs/Beach Blankets/Beach Towels

This one’s pretty obvious here. We need a place to sit; the sand can get hot and uncomfortable. Plus, you’d most definitely need something to claim your spot on the beach, am I right?

We need chairs to sit on, blankets to keep us comfortable, and towels to dry off and lie around to bask in the sun. Need I say more?!

4. A Change of Clothes

If all you’re doing is headed to the beach, then you might think of snagging an extra outfit change from your closet and drawers because guess what? It’s not super fun to drive home or ride in the car in a wet swimsuit, especially with cloth seats in your car (I may or may not speak from experience on this one over here).

Pack something comfortable, yet stylish for your next beach-going adventure(s)!

5. Snacks/Drinks

Imagine a nice 100 degree day with nothing to eat or drink. Sounds pretty miserable, right? Well, while ice cold water is a must, you also need to stay with food in your belly to balance it all out. Whether it’s chips, cheese and crackers, or you pack an entire picnic lunch for you and the fam, just be sure to always be prepared!

Here’s a water bottle that’ll keep your water (ice) cold for 24+ hours: Swell Bottle!

Where are you headed to on your next beach-going adventure? Let us know down below some of your own packing essentials on your very own packing list, and remember to travel safely!


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