Under the Starlight - Hilton Hawaiian Village

Experience a lu‘au in the heart of Waikiki

Just as our Polynesian ancestors voyaged to the Hawaiian Islands centuries ago, the journey to experience exotic cuisine, paired with authentic entertainment and mesmerizing melodies can always be found at a memorable Hawaiian lu‘au. Commonly known as a gathering of lively entertainment with an abundance of delicious delicacies, the lu‘au is a celebrated occasion where men, women and families come together as part of a cultural tradition. 

Many years ago skilled navigators and mariners sailed more than 2,000 miles across the ocean before eventually settling in the Hawaiian Islands. A lu‘au showcases and celebrates this voyage with music, song, dance and an homage to the explorers and the fruits, vegetables, plants, animals, experiences and adventures they brought with them.

Waikiki Starlight Luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Sunday-Thursday evenings on the rooftop.

Visiting a lu‘au is like taking a step back in time to when native Hawaiians and Polynesians utilized various art forms to signify and perpetuate their experiences. These stories are meant to share memories of love, exploration, foraging, conflict and re-birth. Many of the stories are shared in authentic song, dance and languages including Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, Tongan and more.
Waikiki’s only complete lu‘au under the stars is the Waikiki Starlight Lu‘au. Poised on the Great Lawn at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, the experience is one that takes you on a celestial journey. A voyage across the south pacific, ancient dance and song depict the migration of Polynesian navigators who sailed from Tahiti to their eventual home islands of Hawai‘i.
The moment you walk through the door to the Waikiki Starlight Lu‘au you are greeted in the traditional fashion with a fresh flower lei and an abundant feeling of excitement and warm aloha. Entertainers gleefully welcome you with engaging conversation, a specialty cocktail reception, interactive activities, diverse culinary influences and riveting on-stage performances.


Immersed in authentic Hawaiian culture you will learn of the various Polynesian articles, tools, jewelry, books, entertainment, cuisine and storytelling. Everything from the costuming to the cuisine is as authentic as possible. Much of the experience has been thoroughly researched, written and practiced by local cultural practitioners and Polynesians storytellers.
A gathering in Hawaii would not be complete without a delectable food feast. A varietyof crisp farm fresh salads, sweet potato and Hawaiian classics including Lomi Lomi Salmon, Kalua Pork and Huli Huli Chicken are a must. The tropical flavors of the islands incorporate the tastiest proteins, with the most nutrient produce and the sweetest endings with ingredients like Macadamia Nuts and Haupia (coconut pudding).


Now on to the show… The lively drums awaken the soul while the enchanting dancers mesmerize your senses. The journey thousands of miles begins as the quest to find new land leads navigators through the south pacific. Vibrant hips and gentle hands invite visitors to join this time of exploration, adventure and navigation when only the stars and the tides guided the way.
Consider the first song an introduction to hula as voyagers from thousands of miles away embark on a momentous journey. Te Ava Mo’a Kahiko is a form of kahiko, an ancient hula. This song depicts this epic voyage sailing by canoe from Tahiti Nui through the vast Pacific and on to the islands of aloha — the journey begins.
It isn’t just the dancers and musicians who claim the spotlight, but the mistress of ceremony serves as a guide during the show’s elaborate expedition and often shines brightly with her angelic voice, vivacious energy and contagious melodies. The emcee will also welcome you with a song, or two, singing of the main shores of the island of O‘ahu. Her song speaks of the coastline from the Wai‘anae mountain range to O‘ahu’s famed North Shore and then back to Waikiki’s southern shores welcoming each visitor whether kama‘aina (local) or malahini (foreigner).
An impressive collection of live music and dance unfolds before your very eyes while showcasing the many talents, stories and fables of Polynesian and Hawaiian folklore. Riveting stories of fishermen, the sandy shores of Samoa, traditional Maori dance, authentic Polynesian tales, a loving tribute to romance in Hawaii and a dazzling four-man fire dance will burn a wonderful memory into your mind.
This cultural gathering engages all the senses, leaves you hungry for a desire to learn more and to explore the islands of Hawai‘i. In one night you will partake in the voyage of discovery, perpetuate the Hawaiian culture and remember those who came before.


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