The name of the boat is your first hint that this is going to be a really good day: Happiness is the launch that picks you up from the pier at Sandy Ground and whisks you five minutes across the sea to Sandy Island, one of Anguilla’s most popular day-trip outposts.

Here, you’ll spend the day basking on shell-studded sands, swinging in a hammock, or swimming in the bathtub-warm water. Grab a beach chaise and chill out to the mellow strains of reggae, or to nature’s symphony, as provided by the “Seagulls, Wind and Waves Band.” You’re on vacation, so there’ll be nothing on your agenda today besides enjoying yourself. Well, perhaps I can put one thing on your to-do list: lunch!

It’d be a real shame to leave here without sampling Anguilla’s famous crayfish. Bigger and better than any you’ve ever tasted back home (trust me!), these mouthwatering lobster-sized crustaceans are served searing-hot off the grill, accompanied with generous sides of rice ‘n peas and salad. It’s a meal you’ll never forget, made all the more remarkable when you find out what powers the island kitchen: just four car batteries and the Caribbean breeze.

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