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There is nothing worse than planning a vacation and having it ruined with bad weather or being sick so take a long “Friends” LEGO sets and relax!

Recently my wife and purchased the “Friends: Central Perk” coffee house LEGO set and after spending six days huddled over little plastic blocks of Legos, we realized we had been missing out on how great these little boxes of joy actually are.

For years I have helped my kids build a Lego set but honestly, I have always tended to let them build it while I watched and directed. At 52 years of age, I finally bought my own personal set of Legos and now will have to buy another one soon.

Legos have two sets that are based on the “Friends” television series. The above-mentioned Central Perk set and a new set that landed on June 2nd, “Friends: The Apartments”.  The first set features the entire main six-character cast of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross and also features the coffee barista himself, Gunther.

Join your Friends at Central Perk with this adult Lego set! Image courtesy Brian Miller

The second set in the series will feature all six main characters and this time will feature Chandler’s ongoing ex, Janice as well as both Chandler and Joey’s apartment and Monica and Rachels. This set even has the hall between the two.

The new Friends: Apartments has been added to the growing list of adult Legos! Image courtesy Brian Miller

At the end of this month, our family will be making our annual trip to a house that we rent for a week on the west coast of Florida just north of Tampa Bay, you can read about Optimystical Vista here. We typically take along puzzles for when the sun goes down but this year, we will be pulling out Friends because as we have found out, there really is something special about finding a common bonding even after 27 years of marriage and who in a million years would have thought that Legos would be that bond?

For all those who are thinking that Legos are for kids, think again, and you may want to rethink that whole puzzle thing then next time you get rained out, rained on, or COVID keeps you trapped indoors.

Like all Lego sets, the Friends collection isn’t cheap. The Central Perk set will cost you around $59.99 but they are becoming increasingly hard to find and eBay sellers are marking them up considerably. Right now on the website you can get the set plus a Central Perk character mug with purchase of the set while supplies last and they are limited.

The Friends: Apartments set will cost you $149.00 and there are no discounts or freebies listed on the Lego site regarding it. It is in stock at most Lego brick-and-mortar stores. This set is considerably larger than the other and comes in at 10,292 pieces compared to the 1,070 piece Central Perk.


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