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The Figment ride at Epcot is, well, not a thrill ride. Photo by Brian Miller

When we think of Disney World’s Epcot, we don’t often think of rides because the World Showcase and the festivals tend to highlight the park.

To answer a question I got from a friend who has never been to Epcot, yes, there are rides within the park and some of them are really good but don’t expect rollercoasters and major thrill rides. Not yet anyway.

The Galaxy of the Guardians rollercoaster is still being built and that will most assuredly add a level of thrill to the ride list at the park but until that opens, there is still time to take in some of the better rides and here is how you should plan your day to enjoy those them the best.

We won’t put the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure on this list because I haven’t ridden it yet and neither has anyone else. The ride is scheduled to open on October 1st and is located in the France Pavilion in the World Showcase. It is a “dark” ride which means it is indoors. Here is a list of the other rides and the best way to experience them and how they rank against each other in terms of line wait and fun.

We will start this off with the one ride you can afford to miss even though you can get a Fast Pass for it. If however, you do want to go on the ride, you may want to consider it if you can’t get something else. I have seen the ride line quite long.

Journey into Imagination with Figment takes you through an imaginative world of science. Most of it is through the lenses of haphazard types like The Nutty Professor, or the likes of Honey I shrunk the Kids, but the ride itself is more of storytelling of ideas. It’s a slow mover that kids will like and adults will wish it was over.

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