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When you enter Florida driving, it is hard to miss the advertisements for the Kennedy Space Center but in many cases, the park is missed by visitors.

The Kennedy Space Center is located along the coast of eastern Flordia at Cape Canaveral. While Disney World and Universal rule the Orlando area, we can’t summarily discount the trip to the coast for entertainment.

There are no rollercoasters or people dressed up as mice and there are no princes and princesses. There is, however, an incredible opportunity to experience some of our nation’s greatest accomplishments.

Inside the park which is really NASA itself, you will be able to visit the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame and Rocket Garden where all of the rocket models from the past are on display towering above you. Mission Status Briefing and Mission Control are really cool things to see. You will get a glimpse of the actual control room from the 1960s.

The best part of the entire day is by far the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The presentation leading up to the reveal is an awesome experience that brings you within feet of the actual shuttle and it is hard to eventually turn away from it.

The entire history of the U.S. space program is on display and you can take a tour our and around the launch pads. Maybe if you plan your day at the right time you can see one of the SpaceX launches that still go off from various launch pads.

The cost of admission is $57.00 per adult and $47.00 per child. It is a great opportunity to experience with kids of all ages and get a glimpse into some of the greatest accomplishments in our history as well as pay your respect to some of the more tragic.

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