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Mystic Dunes Resort by Diamond Resorts. Image by Brian Miller

Mystic Dunes Resort is located in Kissimmee, Florida just outside of the Disney World theme parks, it’s a great location but is it worth your money?

The idea of spending a week on the doorsteps of Disney World theme parks in Orlando is a wonderful thought and when you start planning your vacation stay, you should be looking at all the available resorts in the area, not just the ones on Disney property. Mystic Dunes is one of those resorts. Located only a few miles from the Disney property entry, this resort has a great location, or does it? Well, it does on a map.

Mystic Dunes, the words glisten in gold at the gated entry to the sprawling complex. A water fountain dances in front of the resort’s name on both sides of the drive to the guard shack. Entering through the gates and you are greeted with well-tailored landscapes of palm trees and blooming floral hedges. The guard tells you to go to four stop signs and the service desk will be on your right. It is hard not to take in the large development as you drive. It’s quite beautiful, from the outside.

Mystic Dunes Resort is a Diamond Resort members resort, in other words, it’s a timeshare. You don’t need to be a member to stay at the resort, however, and they would love to pitch you a million reasons why you should become a member. I am a member of Diamond Resorts and this was my first time visiting this location. While there were some really good features, there were some others you should take note of.

If you are considering Mystic Dunes as a potential destination, then this is a review you need to read before you book your stay. Then, you will have a better idea of whether or not this should be your home away from home for a week or a few days.

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