There are certain things you simply have to do when you visit Bermuda: Sink your toes in pinks sands. Visit the historic town of St. George’s. Snap a photo of the shorts-clad policeman stationed on Front Street. And now here’s my recommendation: sample the island’s two most famous cocktails.

The rum swizzle is Bermuda’s national drink. And the place to try one (or three!) of the signature punches is the Swizzle Inn, where they’ve been making them since 1932. Today the original Inn (there are two) serves up a whopping 30 gallons daily. Swizzle won’t divulge the entire recipe, but Bermuda’s Black Seal rum puts the power in the punch, which also contains orange, lemon and pineapple juices and a sweet syrup called falernum. Try one for yourself at the Bailey’s Bay or South Shore location, but don’t let the sweet taste fool you; this one’s a creeper! As they say, “Swizzle Inn; Swagger Out!”

Don’t feel like getting punch drunk? How about a dark ‘n stormy? I’m no big drinker (I swear!) but I took a real liking to the potent potable last time I was on-island. Made with Gosling’s Black Seal rum, chased with ginger beer (purists pour local brand, Barritt’s) and garnished with a slice of lime, it’ll make you feel far from tempestuous. Best of all, combo packs of rum and ginger beer are sold everywhere. So you can make it yourself at home and enjoy an authentic taste that instantly takes you back you to the island. Cheers!

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