The best time to look for seashells
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Beachcombers can spend countless hours walking along the beach in search of seashells but the best time to look is after a storm.

There is nothing like finding a rare seashell or a big shell fully intact on a morning walk or immediately after high tide leaves behind a series of shells that are cast along the water line in the sand. In the United States, there are several spots that are great for finding shells if that is what you are into. My family loves to collect shells.

Along the Outer Banks in North Carolina, shells are abundant, especially on the outer strands of Ocracoke. Myrtle Beach has shells but a drive south of the Garden City will give you a better chance to find something fun and unique.

Nothing beats Florida, however. The gulf coast provides shell seekers some of the best shells that the U.S. has to offer. The further south you go, the better. I’m talking Sanibel Island and Marco Island. These are the locations that shells come to rest at from the Caribbean through the gulf currents and if you are lucky enough to be there during a strong storm, then the next day is the day you should hit the sands.

Lovers key

Different types of seashells collected on the Florida’s gulf coast.

Storms do more than simply batter the shorelines with waves. Those waves carry shells that are in deeper waters. The waves pull at the sands below and the shells wobble and turn, twist, and eventually are left for a lucky beachcomber to find.

If you are looking for shells, keep that in mind when visiting South Florida’s west coast beaches because if you know a storm is coming, make your plans for the day after, especially when the tide goes out. You won’t regret the decision when you find something awesome!

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