Terri Clark reminds us that we need to get back out on the open road

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Country music star Terri Clark has felt the pain all travelers have felt this last year and her new song “The Highway” reminds us of the open roads we need.

Canadian-born Clark, who now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, has been busy at home like the rest of us. Secluded, working the Zoom calls and video chatrooms, playing to no one but a computer screen with silent faceless viewers on the other side and maybe even the other side of the world.

Clark, who still tours regularly, made the most of it and she recorded a new song called The Highway. It’s an homage to the open road. In her case traveling the roads from concert venue to concert venue but really does drive home the fact that those of us who also look to the highways as our home away from home, are missing it as well.

Clark fell in love with the Holly Williams song that was on her album and finally got around to recording it.

The soft strum of the acoustic is a perfect opening before her pure voice sweeps you away. The song makes me think of my family. Loaded into an RV heading to Florida or the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Maybe a cross-country trip. Those things we haven’t been able to do for so long.

With the country opening back up, this is my go-to song while I’m packing up the car, in fact, I will be heading to Florida for a quick four-day getaway next week. It is funny, at least to me, as a big fan of Clark’s music she is my go-to travel playlist most of the time, so a song about the highway is a perfect addition to an already big Terri Clark library.

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