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A big part of travel is finding those incomparable spots where you almost can’t believe your eyes. Some you really have to work for (Kilimanjaro comes to mind) while others are found at the end of a leisurely stroll. To get you started, we’ve gathered ten pretty places to park yourself during a trek, a paddle, a cycle, an easy walk or a run to the beach. Better yet, we’ll tell you where to find these feasts for the eyes on some of our favourite adventures.

View 1: Sete Cidades on Sao Miguel Island

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set yourself up for beautiful views in sete cidades

See it for yourself on: Hiking the Azores

View 2: Sunrise on Mt Kilimanjaro from camp

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Mt Kilimanjaro

See it for yourself on: Mt Kilimanjaro Trek – Machame Route (8 Days)

View 3: Rolling Monferrato hills in Piedmont, Italy

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Walking Piedmont

See it for yourself on: Walking Piedmont and the Barolo Wine Region

View 4: Hard-earned Himalayas at Everest Base Camp

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Everest Base Camp

See it for yourself on: Everest Base Camp Trek

View 5: Red sands of Wadi Rum from a 4×4

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Wadi Rum

See it for yourself on: Jordan Multisport

View 6: All of the alps on the Tour du Mont Blanc

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Trekking Mont Blanc

See it for yourself on: Trekking Mont Blanc

View 7: Overlooking the ancients of Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu

See it for yourself on: Inca Discovery

View 8: Sun-kissed peaks of Yosemite

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Hiking Sequoia

See it for yourself on: Hiking Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite

View 9: Lesser-travelled landscapes of Eastern Iceland

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Trekking Eastern Iceland

See it for yourself on: Trekking Eastern Iceland

View 10: Pancake stacks on New Zealand’s South Island

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New Zealand South Island

See it for yourself on: New Zealand: South Island Multisport

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