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The 9 Best Water Parks in the U.S.

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The warm weather is on its way! So get on that diet, dig out your swimsuit, and get ready to hit the water parks for some fun in the sun! To help you with your planning, here are the nine best water parks in the U.S.

1.  Noah’s Ark

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Noah’s Ark is the country’s largest water park. It’s located in the Wisconsin Dells and (as expected) it has a huge variety of water rides. This family-friendly place includes Surfing Safari, a surfing simulator, a pair of wave pools, and more than 50 slides.

The Scorpion’s Tail is an extreme ride for thrill-seekers only. This ride sends people down an almost-vertical slide into an intense inclined loop. Said by some to be “America’s most thrilling water coaster,” the Black Anaconda rushes riders through a crazy course that reaches speeds of up to 30 mph. After the rides, grab a bite at Monk’s Bar & Grill.

2.  The Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark

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Perhaps the most popular part of the Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark is the 42-foot tall tower. It has three water slides pouring people out from its perch. If you’d prefer to stick closer to the actual sea level, the park also offers attractions such as the slow-flowing Kristal River, Boogie Bay, and the turbulent Torrent River. If you need a break from the ocean-like action, dive into the popular swim-up bar and have a drink in the heated pool.

3. Splashin’ Safari

You’ll find the merry Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana. This summer the new Cheetah Chase water coaster will make Splashin’ Safari the home of an exciting trifecta of water coasters. This ride will be the planet’s very first launched water coaster, blasting people uphill to 27 feet at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

The other two famous coasters, the Wildebeest and the Mammoth have already earned Splashin’ Safari its slot on this list. Additionally, if you visit Splashin’ Safari on a Friday, you will be treated to a fireworks show. You can end your wet and wild day with a bang!

4. Water World

Image courtesy of Water World

Denver, Colorado’s Water World includes almost 40 aquatic attractions. It is simply enormous. One of Water World’s main attractions is the water coaster known as the Mile High Flyer which is famous for its intensity and speed.

Next in line would be The Storm. The Storm is a unique raft ride of sorts. Here passengers rush down an inky black tube meant to recreate an actual storm. It comes complete with rain, flashes of lightning, and really loud thunder designed to disorient you.

Is speed your thing? Then be sure not to miss the torrid Turbo Racer. It’s an eight-way slide competition that ends each race with an official announcement of the winner.

5. Silver Dollar City’s Wild White Water Park

Image courtesy of SIlver Dollar

Famous Silver Dollar City’s White Water Park is found in Branson, Missouri. It is significantly smaller in size than a few other water parks on this list. Nevertheless, it earns its place due in part to its organization and its focus on the family.

The Splashaway Cay is but one of the attractions that kids of all ages can enjoy. Housed in a fort, it comes complete with aqua shooters, elevated walkways, geysers, and slides. Another highlight of this park is the KaPau Plummet. It is a cool, dueling drop-floor slide that plunges participants down at 70 degrees into an exciting, unyielding turn.

6. Water Country USA

Water Country USA is situated in Williamsburg, Virginia. Veteran visitors say it is one of the most well-maintained and best-themed parks in the nation. Perhaps the best attractions here are the new Cutback Water Coaster and the country’s first funnel-and-wave raft ride, the Colossal Curl.

The Colossal Curl allows riders to enjoy weightlessness as your raft rushes down a hill only to rapidly return on a large inclined wall. You can take three of your friends with you on the famous fast-and-furious enclosed raft ride called Aquazoid. It is a dark experience that includes several splash surprises. The best time to visit is when you also can afford to spend a day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg which is right down the road and has some of the most exciting on the entire East Coast.

7. The Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures

Image courtesy of Facebook Big Rivers Waterpark

Big Rivers Waterpark & Adventures is “deep in the heart of Texas” . . . Houston, that is. Travel writers say this place is really “big, even by Texan standards.” This water and adventure park span 8 acres.

It can be found within a 632-acre amusement park in New Caney which is located approximately 30 minutes out of Houston. One must-do attraction is the Pecos Plunge which will drop you dizzily down seven slippery stories. The second required stop is the great Gator Splash. It’s the state’s biggest interactive play structure, complete with over 300 watery adventures.

8. Dollywood’s Splash Country

Image courtesy of Dollywood

Dollywood’s Splash Country in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is 35 acres worth of wet and wild fun for the whole family. This water park is home to RiverRush, the state’s first-and-only water coaster.  RiverRush includes a total of four drenching drops and hairy hairpin turns through dark tunnels that have made the ride a real fan favorite. Be sure to hit the Big Bear Plunge too. This wet white water rafting slide actually simulates a rough, real river expedition. The famous Fire Towel Falls is a truly terrifying two-slide drop from a harrowing 70 feet.

9. Kalahari Resort

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Image courtesy of Kalahari Resorts

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin wins another slot for the Kalahari Resort. This indoor water park spans 125,000 square feet. Since it’s open rain or shine, you can visit any time.

One must-do ride is the slick Sahara Sidewinders. Seconds after entering an enclosed capsule the floor falls out beneath you. It’s the biggest thrill in this palatial place.
If you’re interested in surfing, head to the mighty Flowrider. Here you can learn how to surf on a superb surf simulator that constantly pumps 50,000 gallons of water under you, creating what simulates a furious five-foot ocean wave.

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