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The 15 Top Things to Do in Key West

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Are you heading to Key West in Florida?  Good choice!  There’s a lot to do there from water adventures to the social scene.  Here is a list of the 15 top things to do in Key West.

1.  See The Southernmost Point

The Instagrammable Southernmost Point is found at South and Whitehead Streets. This place is significant because from here you only need to travel 90 miles to reach Cuba.  In 1983 the City of Key West erected a special concrete oversized buoy here.  Ever since then this peculiar landmark has become one of the isle’s most photographed places.    

2.  Take A Tour Of The Hemingway Home

Key West

Key West might be small but there’s a lot of history here.  There are also a lot of museums.  Why not begin your visit with the popular Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum.  You’ll find it in Old Town Key West.  Explore the former home of the Nobel Prize winner and pet one of the famous six-toed cats too. 

3.  Walk Down Duval Street

Veteran visitors confirm that Duval Street is the place to be in Key West.  This popular passage runs north and south from thriving Mallory Square to the Southernmost Point.  It features funky boutiques, outdoor cafes, art galleries, restaurants, and some of the nation’s most well-known bars and saloons too.  The American Planning Association declared it an official “Great Street” in 2012.

4.  Enjoy A Paddle Adventure

Try taking a stand-up paddleboard or kayak through the many mangroves and beyond to the sun-kissed crystal clear water.  Then you can go for a little swim with tropical fish, sea turtles and possibly a dolphin.  Take a class in PaddleYoga.  There are even companies that offer private charters and guided tours.  Rentals are as low as $30.00 each.

5.  Visit The Key West Lighthouse

Again, Key West has a lot of history.  Part of that is the Key West Lighthouse & Museum.  It harkens back to the 1800s and is managed by the Key West Art and Historical Society.  So climb those 88 steps up to the top.  Learn about the first lighthouse keeper, Barbara Mabrity, who was one of the only ladies who had the position. 

6.  Hit The Beach

This one’s a no-brainer!  Smathers Beach has everything you need for a day of fun in the sun.  Hit the beach and enjoy yourself!  Swim in the aquamarine water.  

Rent a mini-sailboat.  Play a rousing game of volleyball on the sand or simply relax.  You can rent chairs, rafts, umbrellas, and even more for as little as $10.00 a day.

7.  Set Sail In Sunset

Another well-known natural attraction here in Key West is the stunning sunsets.  Naturally, you really must make time to set sail for an exceptional evening that is both beautiful and traditional.  There are businesses here that specialize in a number of different sunset cruise opportunities.  They range from peppy run and reggae parties to rather romantic champagne-style cruises.  Rates start at $40.00.

8.  Go Barhopping

Not big on water sports?  Key West has plenty to do for partiers too.  It’s home to numerous unique clubs and bars as well.  

Frequent flyers suggest starting at Captain Tony’s Saloon.  Opened in 1851, this pub was originally an icehouse that also served as a morgue.  This historic hot spot once hosted such celebs as  Jimmy Buffett, Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, and the infamous Captain Tony himself.

9.  Browse The Local Art

key west

Some travelers believe that the local artists are often inspired by the beautiful tropical landscape and the eclectic culture too.  Whatever the case, Key West has many artistic residents.  Browse the numerous art galleries along Duval Street.  The best place to start is at Gallery Uno where you can check out the work of well-known local artist Alberto DeAndrea.

10.  Taste The Key Lime Pie

Foodies and folks with a sweet tooth simply must sample a slice (or more) of the delicious Key lime pie.  Those in the know suggest stopping in at Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe.  It has been a popular place for dessert for decades now.  Be sure to try their citrus salsa, lime mango chutney, and homemade taffy too.

11.  Catch A Great Show

Image courtesy of waterfrontplayhouse.org

Don’t forget!  Key West offers visitors great entertainment choices too.  See a drag queen show at Aqua Key West or take in the nightly celebration held at Mallory Square.  It features many local artisans.  You can even catch one of the popular COAST Projects’ live concerts.  Don’t forget the Waterfront Playhouse or the Red Barn Theatre either.

12.  Go Biking Around Town

Key West
Image courtesy of Pinterest

If you’d like a little exercise, travel the isle via bicycle.  It’s a nice way to enjoy the Key West sunshine and warm tropical breezes.  In fact, several of the hotels in town even rent bicycles to their guests.  It’s an invigorating way to take in the sights and avoid the hassle of hunting for parking spots.

13.  Try Dining al Fresco

Again, Key West has plenty of options for anyone looking to eat his/her way around the isle.  Begin your food run on Duval Street at Caroline’s Café at the Dr. Joseph Y. Porter House.  Try Caroline’s Famous Fish Sandwich or some Key West conch fritters.  Finally, have a tasty handcrafted cocktail at Caroline’s Other Side. 

14.  “Butterfly Kisses”

Visit the popular Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.  It’s a great place to see especially if you like vibrant butterflies and nature in general.  There you will discover not only 50+ species of butterflies but also waterfalls, and gardens as well.  Admission here is as low as $412.00 per adult and only $8.50 for children.

15.  Take The Ferry To The Dry Tortugas

Take a 70-minute Yankee Freedom ferry ride to the Dry Tortugas National Park.  If you like boat rides then charter a boat.  Highlights here include one of the country’s biggest 19-century fortresses.  The Ferry rides are as low as $175.00 per adult and $125.00 per child.  Prices include the entrance fee to the park.

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Top 9 Reasons Why We Travel – Add to Bucketlist , Vacation Deals

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Why do we travel? Well, for one thing, it’s a lot easier to travel today. Long gone are the days when people had to travel for days by car or train.

You have to spend weeks on a boat to cross an ocean either. Today we can spend a couple hundred dollars and travel by plane to another country in a matter of hours. But it’s a bit too simplistic to say simply: “we travel because we can.” So without further adieu, here are the top nine reasons why we travel.

1. To Get Away or Escape

Travel is about escapism. Sometimes we all need to get away from our obs, our immediate problems, our chores and responsibilities and sometimes even our very own families. We’ve learned the best way to do this is to actually physically distance ourselves from that from which we seek to escape.

Taking a trip to another city or nation is a super way to do that. Maybe you like your life but simply need a break for a bit so that when you return you will appreciate your everyday life even more. Perhaps you have paid vacation time coming and are simply determined to take it rather than sit at home so you get up and go.

2. To Seriously Celebrate

We also travel to seriously celebrate something significant. Some people have destination weddings. They travel someplace special to get married.

We also travel to celebrate anniversaries or birthdays. For example, your roving writer once dated a woman who took him to Las Vegas and San Francisco for special birthday weekends. Travel is a great gift, right?

Sure, we generally buy gifts that are perhaps more practical or normal. Still, tangible gifts can be broken or lost. Memories made from a gift trip can last a lifetime.

3. To Kick Back and Relax

Relaxation is another popular reason to get out of town. If you don’t already live in a tropical paradise with sunny skies then crystal clear water and pristine sand beaches, you can easily make plans to go to such a destination. Most folks can use some relaxation in their travels. It’s good to get away from phone calls and emails and anything else that is in any way at all related to work. Think about it; warm weather, the soothing sounds of the sea and a nice cold beverage of your choice.

4. To Have an Adventure

Mind you, some travelers are not content with simply relaxing and doing nothing. They prefer a bit of adventure with their vacationing. Thus they enjoy going camping and travel to climb mountains, hike, ski, snowboard, surf, go bungee-jumping, parasailing and more. They love the adrenaline rush that reminds them they are truly alive. Hey, we all could use a little adrenalin to remind us we’re alive, couldn’t we?

5. To Get in Touch With Yourself Again

Some people travel solo a lot. If you have never traveled alone, you really should try it at least once while you still can. Those in the know say that it is an exceptional way to get in touch with yourself.

It is also an excellent way to learn about yourself. After all, by traveling alone there is no interference (unintentional or otherwise) from your partner, family or friends. When you are solo especially in a new place, you are truly and unapologetically yourself. You could very well learn some things about yourself that you would not otherwise have learned in any other normal circumstances.

6. To Strengthen a Bond

Traveling can be quite a bonding experience. There is a valid reason why we are ofttimes wary of traveling with strangers or those we do not know well. Some unexpected events often occur when one travels and you simply cannot know how a stranger or mere acquaintance may react. When you travel with another person it can truly be a test of your relationship. At the end of the journey, you will have either become closer than you ever were or you will end up never, ever speaking to each other again.

7. To Learn Something

We have known for a long time that you can learn more about another place by actually going there and visiting for a bit. It sure beats reading about it or watching a program or movie about it. Yes, it beats using the internet as well. (It’s hard to know what sources are trustworthy these days.)

With a reliable source, you might learn a bit about a city or even a country. You might learn what some of the most popular sightseeing spots are too. Still, many sources are current. In order to truly learn about a place in terms of culture and the people who live there, you have to go there and experience it all for yourself.

8. To Expand Your Personal Perspective

We often surround ourselves (intentionally or otherwise) with people who see the world the same way we do. When we travel, we allow ourselves to not only explore the world but to see the planet and even life itself from a new perspective. The values that you have had for perhaps your entire life could be significantly different from those of the residents of other places. Traveling and meeting these people will help you to expand your personal perspective.

9. To be Inspired

Travel is one of the best ways to inspire a person. Travel to a new location. Meet new people. Try new foods. See new things.

You will return home inspired. You will have new ideas and be ready to create something new. If you are employed in an industry where you need to be creative then travel is definitely a must. Even if you work someplace where you may not have to be all that creative, traveling could provide you with your own individualistic epiphany or perhaps an answer to a personal problem.

Do you travel for another reason not listed here? Let us know!

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Islands on Earth – Add to Bucketlist , Vacation Deals

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Most islands are safe as a vacation destination or even a home. However, there are some islands that are not even safe to even go near whether it be because of the residents or a natural occurrence. To help you steer clear of danger, here are the top 10 most dangerous islands on the planet.

1. North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

North Sentinel Island is the home of the Sentinelese tribe. This tribe’s only weapons are spears and bows and arrows. The government of India, which controls the island, has deemed them the fiercest group of people on the planet.

Sea travel within five nautical miles is prohibited. The Indian government has also banned anyone from ever going within 3 miles (4.83 kilometers) of its shores. Following a 2000 tsunami, the authorities attempted an emergency food drop, but the mission was aborted after the helicopter was attacked.

2. Ilha de Queimada Grande Island, Brazil

Indiana Jones would not like this place. The island of Ilha de Queimada Grande is also known as Snake Island for a reason. Located off the coast of Brazil, this small isle is only 43 hectares (106+ acres).

Experts estimate that there are approximately five golden lancehead viper snakes per square foot of the island. Lancehead snakes are reported to be responsible for more deaths than any other snake in both North and South America. To date, there’s no known antivenom so avoiding this place is a good idea.

3.Papua, New Guinea

New Guinea is really a nice place to visit, but you sure wouldn’t want to be in Papua. Until 1974 the natives didn’t even know that people from other places weren’t members of rival tribes. These people live their lives in treehouses constructed roughly 140 feet high to avoid being attacked. Those who stumble into their territory are generally met with a rather long barbed arrow pointed at them until they turn themselves around and walk in the other direction. This tribe has a history of cannibalism and may still eat invaders.

4. Gruinard Island, United Kingdom

People are no longer banned from Gruinard Island, but they still stay away from the place. Brit scientists were researching anthrax there in 1942. In the process, they transported 50 sheep to this remote isle off the Scottish mainland.

The sheep were bombed with anthrax. They all died within two weeks. It was not until afterwards that the scientists soon realized they could not remove the anthrax from the soil there. Thus, they put a 50-year ban on the isle. Three Russian aristocrats recently expressed an interest in purchasing it.

5. Saba Island, Netherlands

Saba Island is situated only 20 miles away from St. Martin. Despite that proximity, Saba Island has been trashed by more storms in the past 150 years than any other location on the planet. The statisticians confirm that this place has been hit by no less than seven category five hurricanes and an additional 10 category three hurricanes.

Despite that, the residents of Saba Island continue to welcome travelers to their island. Just be sure to avoid visiting during hurricane season. (Oh! Did we mention place also has one of the world’s most dangerous airports?)

6. Izu Islands, Japan

On the Izu Islands, the ever-present poisonous gases in the air are so strong that residents must carry gas masks with them. The moment the deadly gases rise to a dangerous level a special siren sounds to let everyone know they must immediately put on their gas masks. Scientists are not 100 percent certain but they believe these poisonous gases seep up through the earth and originate from a volcano beneath the island. The residents were evacuated in 2000 and all flights to this destination were canceled for over eight years.

7. Bjornoya, Svalbard, Norway

This would be a hard place to grow enough food to sustain oneself because the land is too rocky. This is a difficult place to even moor a boat due to all the huge cliffs along the coastline. But what makes it dangerous is that a Soviet nuclear submarine sank roughly 100 nautical miles southwest of this spot in 1989 and leaked radioactive material into the water. This may have damaged the island’s soil too. Additionally, experts think that the development of the Snøhvit gas field has also forever altered the climate.

8. Farallon Islands, USA

Some sources claim the USA buried approximately 47,500 55-gallon drums full of nuclear waste on the Farallon Islands not far from San Francisco, California. Government sources state the specific location of all the barrels is unknown but reports that a number of them were buried underwater around the islands. Scientists believe that finding and removing all of these barrels would actually do more damage than leaving them in the ground. What’s worse is that a US Naval ship that could have been radioactive was also buried close to these islands.

9. Bouvet Island, Norway

Bouvet Island is located 1,1000 miles north of Antarctica. It’s the world’s most remote island. More than 93 percent of this 119-square-mile isle is always covered by a glacier.

Only six people live here and they work for the Norwegian Weather Service. They work there for two to four months at a time. In an emergency, help would be slow in arriving as there’s only one reliable place to moor a boat.

10. Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

The Mergui Archipelago is made up of 800 small islands.
It’s situated between Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. The islands are largely uninhabited.

The native Moken Tribe survives solely by fishing. They actually live on large wooden boats they consider their homes. Strangers who approach them will be greeted with a hail of fire arrows. Thus, the nearby governments recommend that tourists avoid the area. Sadly, the tribe is now struggling to survive but neither of the local governments is willing to aid them in acclimatizing to our modern society.

So beware! Not all natives are friendly. Not all islands are a paradise.

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Top 20 Airlines for 2020 – Add to Bucketlist , Vacation Deals

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AirlineRatings.com recently announced their choices for 20 Top Airlines in the World for 2020. This list is only a part of the product and safety rating website’s yearly Airline Excellence Awards, which also features winners in 13 different categories and “the best overall.” To be eligible for nomination an airline must “demonstrate leadership in innovation for passenger comfort” and garner a seven-star safety rating.

The airlines in question must also demonstrate consistency in staff engagement and service. The seven-editor team utilizes the following criteria to determine its annual rankings:

Staff relations
Product offerings
Passenger reviews
Investment rating
Fleet age

Without further adieu here are the world’s best airlines for 2020:

1. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand bumped Singapore Airlines out of the top spot this year. The kiwi airline is the country’s flag carrier airline. Based in Auckland, the airline has charted six times now for its performance and has scored several awards for its in-flight innovations, environmental leadership, operational safety, and staff motivation.

They have booked passenger flights to a total of 20 domestic and 32 international locations in 20 countries, mainly in the area of the Pacific Rim. Air New Zealand has been an official member of the well-known Star Alliance since 1999.

2. Singapore Airlines

Up next at number two, is Singapore Airlines. This is the flag carrier of Singapore. Its hub is located at the Singapore Changi Airport.

This company is reportedly “always at the forefront” when it comes to airline awards. In the past two years, it has been praised for its introduction of its new 787-10 and A350 and revamping of its A380s. The airline offers flights to 60+ destinations in 30+ countries. Skytrax voted it as the “world’s best airline” four times. The airline has also topped Travel & Leisure’s best airlines list for decades.

3. All Nippon Airways

Coming in at number three this year is Japan’s All Nippon Airways. Also called Zennikkū, the airline is the country’s largest airline in terms of passenger numbers and revenues. Headquartered in Shiodome City Center in the Minato ward of Tokyo.

It is said to be the leading operator of the Boeing 787 and noted to be a launch customer for the popular 777X. Heralded as being “at the forefront of cabin innovation”. The company offers flights to domestic and international locations and in 2016 were reported to employ more than 20,000 people.

4. Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways Limited is currently the flag carrier of Australia. It’s the country’s biggest airline in terms of international flights, international destinations, and fleet size. This airline slotted in at number four due to its financial performance and also scored the Best Domestic Service and Best Lounge awards.

5. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways, aka Cathay or Cathay Pacific, made it to number five on the list. Always in the winner’s circle, it is Hong Kong’s flag carrier. Airlineratings.com has given the airline several different awards including one for Best Business Class in 2013 and one for Best Asia/Pacific Airline for 2015 and 2016. The main office and hub are situated in Hong Kong International Airport. The company runs a fleet of Airbus A350, Airbus A330, and, of course, Boeing 777 wide-body aircraft.

6. Emirates

In the 6th spot is the state-owned airline Emirates. It’s headquartered in Garhoud, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Its hub is located at Dubai International Airport.

The airline was rated highly in part because it announced that next year it with offer a Premium Economy class to all of its aircraft. The state has also ordered A350s and 787-9s. Emirates, a subsidiary of The government’s Emirates Group, is the biggest airline in the Middle East. They run more than 3,600 flights every week to over 150 cities in 80 different countries.

7. Virgin Atlantic

Now arriving at spot number seven is Virgin Atlantic. The British airline is also known as Virgin Atlantic International Limited and Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited. Among other things, they were slotted into the top ten for their continuous innovations.

The company’s head office can be found in Crawley, England. It was founded in 1984 and first known as British Atlantic Airways. The company co-founders, Randolph Fields, and Alan Hellary, originally intended to only offer flights between the city of London and the Falkland Islands. The name was later changed to Virgin Atlantic Airways.

8. EVA Air

EVA Air Corporation or EVA Air lands at number eight. EVA actually stands for “Evergreen Airways.” Whatever you want to call it, the airline has reportedly always been the leading Taiwanese aviation company.

The company was founded in 1989. Since 1992 this airline has led the way in terms of premium economy and cabin innovation. It’s based out of the Taoyuan International Airport located near Taipei, Taiwan.

Skytrax gave this airline a five-star rating. It is currently the second-largest airline in Taiwan. EVA Air is based in Luzhu, Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

9. Qatar Airways

In the number nine slot is Qatar Airways. The airline, Qatar Airways Company, Q.C.S.C., was credited for being yet another great innovator. It made the charts, in part, because of award-winning Business Class suites and catering.

This state-owned airline is the flag carrier of Qatar. Its main office is in the impressive Qatar Airways Tower in Doha, the company runs a hub-and-spoke network. The airline connects more than 150 international locations across North America, Africa, Central Asia, Europe, South America, South Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania from Hamad International Airport.

10. Virgin Australia

Scraping into the Top 10 we have Virgin Australia. Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd scored for Best Economy and Best Cabin Crew too. It is not only one of the country’s largest airlines, but it is also the largest airline (going by fleet size) to use the famous Virgin brand.

It launched back in August 2000 under the name Virgin Blue. They had only two aircraft and flew one route. It became a major airline when Ansett Australia went under in September 2001. It currently provides service to 42 destinations in Australia from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

11. Lufthansa

Lufthansa came in at number 11. The name Lufthansa comes from the German term luft which means air and hansa which is short for the Hanseatic League. Also known as Deutsche Lufthansa AG, it was praised for offering the “best long-haul Europe.”

It’s Germany’s flag carrier and also the country’s largest airline. When Lufthansa is combined with its various subsidiaries, it is also Europe’s largest airline (in regards to the number of passengers carried). The entire Lufthansa Group presently has more than 700 aircraft which makes it one of the world’s largest airline fleets.

12. Finnair

Filling out the top dozen airlines for 2020 is Finnair. Finnair is the country’s flag carrier and its largest airline too. You can find its headquarters in Vantaa at the Helsinki Airport. Among other things, it scored high for staff relations and how it treats its staff.

That raises a question on how one judges airlines on staff relations since its staff recently went on strike in solidarity with the postal employees.) Finnair and its subsidiaries rule in terms of both domestic and international flights. The government is the airline’s major shareholder. Finnair has close to 6,000 employees.

13. Japan Airlines

Number 13 was lucky for Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., also known simply as Nikkō. This charting international airline, headquartered in Shinagawa Tokyo, is the nation’s flag carrier. The business is praised for its customer service and innovative promotions.

This airline’s main hubs are presently located at Tokyo International Airport. Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, Osaka International Airport, and Osaka’s Kansai International Airport. The entire business group of JAL companies includes ZIPAIR Tokyo, Ryukyu Air Commuter, Japan Transocean Air, JAL Express, JAL Cargo, Japan Airlines, J-Air, and Japan Air Commuter.

14. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM, legally known as Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V., landed at number 14 this year. KLM is the Netherlands flag carrier airline. (It is one of many flag carriers to make the list for 2020.)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was founded in 1919 and has its HQ in the city of Amstelveen. Its hub is located close by at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. KLM is the world’s oldest airline still doing business under its original moniker. At last count, the airline employed almost 36,000 people and had a fleet of 119 aircraft.

15. Korean Air

Slotting it at number 15 this year is the Korean Air Co., Ltd. More commonly known as Korean Airlines or simply Korean Air, it is currently reported to be South Korea’s flag carrier and largest airline according to fleet size, the number of international destinations and the number of international flights.

Korean Air was founded on March 1, 1969, following the Hanjin chaebol’s acquisition of the government-owned company Korean Air Lines. The Hanjin chaebol is owned by the well-known Cho family. The Cho family remains the airline’s controlling shareholder. The airline’s global HQ is situated in the city of Seoul.

16. Hawaiian Airlines

(Isn’t it about time an American airline show up on this list?) Hawaiian Airlines is reported to be the US state of Hawaii’s flag carrier and largest airline. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is the United States’ tenth-largest commercial airline.

This airline has its main hub at the well-known Daniel K. Inouye International Airport on the popular island of Oahu. The company also has a second hub on the island of Maui’s Kahului Airport. Hawaiian Airlines offers flights to the US mainland, American Samoa, Australia, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Asia, and various destinations in Hawaii.

17. British Airways

There is something about this airline that simply appeals to people. So it should be no surprise it made the top 20 list. British Airways is the famous flag carrier airline of the entire United Kingdom.

The airline’s main hub can be found at London Heathrow Airport. The company’s main office is located near there at Waterside, Harmondsworth. Based on passengers carried and fleet size, it is the United Kingdom’s second-largest airline. BA is also the first official passenger airline to earn more than $1 billion on one air route in a single year.

18. Alaska Airlines

This is the second American airline to make the list. (USA! USA!) Alaska Airlines is one of several major American airlines. The company’s home office can be found in SeaTac, in the Seattle metropolitan area, in the state of Washington.

This airline is the United States’ fifth-largest airline in the United States in terms of the number of destinations offered, passengers carried, and fleet size. Alaska Airlines and its partners run a network of routes focused on linking Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to more than 100 locations in the continental United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica.

19. Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is the third and final US airline to make the list. Its inclusion may be a surprise to some. After all, frequent flyers and certainly any travel writer worth his or her salt is well aware of certain headline-grabbing incidents in this American company’s past.

Still, it’s earned its slot here. Delta Air Lines, Inc. was actually named as the official best long-haul airline for the Americas. Delta is a legacy carrier and one of the United States’ major airlines. Delta’s main office is situated in Atlanta in the state of Georgia.

20. Etihad Airways

Last to make the list is Etihad Airways. This airline is the UAE’s second-largest. The company HQ is located in Khalifa City, in Abu Dhabi.

It’s conveniently close to Abu Dhabi International Airport. Etihad was first open for business in November of 2003. They purport to “offer the best deals on flights worldwide.”

It is the United Arab Emirates’ official national carrier. This airline offers non-stop flights to over 90 destinations in North America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia, and (of course) the Middle East. The airlines’ cabins are configured in several unique ways.

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The Top 20 Places to Visit in 2020 – Add to Bucketlist , Vacation Deals

By MM Travel and Tours in Destinations to Travel

Are you undecided about where to travel next year? We researched several sources to come up with your best options. Here then are the top places to go in 2020.

Lille, France

Located close to the Belgian border, this city will be hosting roughly 50 cultural events and six huge exhibitions. If you are into architecture, the best time to visit this year is in the fall. This is when the denizens will host the first Lille Metropole Design Week. You can stay at the Mama Shelter Lille. It is close to the Euralille business district and the main train stations too.


Don’t miss the capital, Tokyo, as it’s hosting the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games. Veteran visitors recommend a room at the popular ANA InterContinental Tokyo, which they praise for its Michelin-starred eatery by French chef Pierre Gagnaire. Have a drink at Park Hyatt Tokyo’s New York Bar.  Explore Osaka and Kyoto. Experience the famous hot springs in the resort town of Beppu. Spend the night at the five-star-rated InterContinental Beppu Resort and Spa.
(See the Rest Here!)

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The 15 Top Ski and Snowboarding Resorts in North America – Add to Bucketlist , Vacation Deals

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Skiing and snowboarding offer adventurous travelers both thrills and stunning locations. North America has an abundance of spectacular spots for these sports. Here are the top 15 skiing and snowboarding resort locations.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

The Jackson Hole ski resort is over half a century old and is still atop spot for both skiing and snowboarding. It is popular for both the level of snowfall there and its challenging terrain. The recent addition of a fast ski lift has also aided in making this place one of the best snowboarding and skiing destinations on the continent.

Aspen Highlands, Colorado, USA

Aspen Highlands reputedly offers some of the best skiing terrains in the state. Here you find some impressive routes for skiers of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, experienced skier or even snowboarder, this is the place for you. The most beauteous and challenging area is the Highland Bowl. The ski lift network here serves the entire four-mountain area.

Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

Revelstoke is great for snowboarders as well. Here you will find good ski lifts and the official “highest level of vertical descent” on the continent. The 5,620 feet drop is also a favorite of the adventurous. If you would like to get a bird’s eye view of the ski area here prior to hitting the slopes you can take a heli-skiing trip.

Vail, Colorado, USA

Vail is one of North America’s most well-known and longest-established resorts. In fact, it was specifically was modeled after a Bavarian mountain village ensconced in the highlands of Europe. There are 193 trails available as well as seven official skiing bowls here. If you’re a snowboarder hoping to hone your skills or simply looking to show off you can take advantage of the superpipe.

Sun Valley, Idaho, USA

Veteran visitors often praise Bald Mountain’s challenging ski slopes, especially the popular 3400-foot vertical drop. They are also generally sheltered from the wind, which makes for a more stable and enjoyable ski area. The adjacent Dollar Mountain features beginner and intermediate ski routes. There are a great terrain park and uphill transporter as well.

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada

The huge Whistler Blackcomb resort is less than a 2-hour drive from Vancouver. Almost every year it draws the highest amount of winter sports enthusiasts, with more than 2 million visitors during the season. The resort not only has enough ski lifts, restaurants and bars but it also has the longest and highest unsupported cable car span on the planet.

Stowe, Vermont, USA

Stowe is home to two mountains, Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield. The resort has a great gondola and ski lifts. Both mountains are linked by the system so transportation from slope to slope is easy.

Intermediate ski routes are also available for skiing and snowboarding. Don’t worry, though, if you’re an expert, they’ve got you covered here too. Luxury accommodations are available.

Big White, British Columbia, Canada

One of the big attractions at Big White is the popular 2,549-foot vertical drop. It also has several illuminated slopes and is thus Western Canada’s largest night skiing area. The resort features 16 ski lifts. Big White also includes extreme routes for those bored with the expert routes. There’s also a snow tubing course, a terrain park, and wonderful views.

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico, USA

This is a nice place to be at any time of the year. In the winter, however, it’s a snow-white paradise perched high up in the mountains. This snow bowl is perfect for experienced skiers. More than half of their 110 trails are officially graded as “expert.” They also have snowmakers on both the beginner and intermediate ski slopes.

Deer Valley, Utah, USA

This is one of the few US resorts that does not presently permit snowboarding on the ski slopes. They have great snowmaking equipment and the varied slopes are well-maintained. The resort is actually upmarket and luxurious and offers good food and drink to boot. They have everything you need to have a very comfortable stay.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

The Lake Louise resort has one of the largest ski areas anywhere on the continent. The resort features 145 official marked trails. They welcome visitors of all skill levels from beginner through expert (and snowboarders too.)

There are a number of different off-piste opportunities as well. The resort offers different accommodation options too. Choices range from high-end digs to dorms in the hostel.

Lake Placid, New York, USA

Situated amidst the awesome Adirondack Mountains, this resort was once host to the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. A great place for winter sports, it includes the highest vertical drop on the east coast and a complete range of routes for all ability levels. The Lake area provides ample opportunities for hiking too. There are several choices of accommodations, bars, and eateries too.

Monterreal, Mexico

Experts say that the Monterreal is the “only real ski resort” in the country. The best time to visit is in the months of December and January. If there’s not enough actual snow for decent skiing there’s a special dry slope. So, if you are in Mexico and feel the need to ski or snowboard someplace unusual then this is the place.

Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada

Here at Sun Peaks ski routes are flanked by snow-dusted trees. They offer downhill racing areas, good cross country skiing trails, and Nordic skiing too. There is also a good variety of bars, hotels, and restaurants as well. There are even special paths to help visiting skiers get in and out of their various hotels.

Telluride, Colorado, USA

This mountain resort is perfect for any skier regardless of ability. It includes routes for skiers of varying abilities. It also features a fun, treeless bowl if you really enjoy the powder. The historic locale is perhaps most famous for being the home of the very first bank that the outlaw Butch Cassidy robbed. The village was specifically designed to easily accommodate skiers too.

Now go hit the slopes!

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