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Why Toothsome Chocolate Emporium Is The Perfect Spot To Indulge During Chocolate Lover’s Month

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You know how somewhere along the way there became a day or a week or a month for celebrating pretty much anything? National Bobblehead Day, National Play Catch Week, there’s even a National Accordion Awareness Month. I’m not exactly sure what we’re, as a society, expected to do during it, but I guess we’ll see this June.

With February wrapping up, it feels like as good a time as any to let you know that it is National Chocolate Lover’s Month! And I could think of no better way to commemorate the occasion than using it as an excuse to spend a whole lot of time at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen in Universal Orlando’s CityWalk. All in the name of research, I’ve met with the restaurant chef, Jonathan Abrevaya, and the General Manager, Rajiv Patel; I’ve convinced several loved ones to join me there for dinner, drinks, and (obviously) dessert; and I’ve even had the opportunity to interview the woman who made all the chocolatey goodness happen — Professor Doctor Penelope Tibeaux-Tinker Toothsome (and her robot companion, Jacques)!

Now here I am to make a strong case for you to pull up a chair the next chance you get and explore the many delicious chocolate offerings found at Toothsome!

But First, What Even Is Toothsome?!

It’s hard to miss the two towering smokestacks of Toothsome when you walk into CityWalk. The venue is an enchanting 19th-century themed, Steampunk-inspired dining establishment serving brunch(!!!), lunch, dinner, and so. many. desserts! The two-story restaurant — which includes two kitchens, a bar, a foundry, a dessert room, and a merchandise spot — is visible across the lake when entering CityWalk and conveniently located between Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

“The location is ideal,” Chef Jonathan says. “It’s the first thing you see when you walk into CityWalk, and our creative department did an amazing job with all the details. It’s like you’re in a different world when you walk through those rotating doors.”

Now Onto the Best Part – CHOCOLATE!

Let’s start where my mother never let me — dessert. Toothsome has an extensive array of dessert options and they all are as delicious as they are extravagant. Each milkshake is more of a two-for-one dessert choice, as some even come topped with a cupcake, a brownie, or a cookie.

“There really is a woah factor with the shakes,” General Manager Rajiv says. “And since guests can take the mason jar with them, they’ll walk out with their shake and someone will see it and be like, ‘where’d you get that?’ And it’s, ‘that big building with the steam coming out of it!’ It’s a very unique, eye-catching venue and product that we’re delivering.”

“And we can do so much with chocolate here, it’s amazing,” Chef Jonathan adds.

They really can. The team at Toothsome has totally transformed the way I think of my old keep-your-sweet-away-from-my-savory lifestyle. The non-dessert chocolate options at Toothsome are extensive and each one I’ve tried has been great. And I’ve tried a lot of them!

My Recommendations


FAVORITE: Warm chocolate almond bread with salted caramel butter

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