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15 Stunningly Seriously Cool Pools 

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If you’re looking for pools so cool your temperature almost drops simply by looking at them, then this is the place.  We have researched some of the best pools in the world in terms of ancient natural beauty and modern architectural feats.  Here then, are 15 stunningly, seriously cool pools.   

1.  The Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Tanzania

You will find a fantastic free-form infinity pool at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in the stunning Serengeti National Park in Central Serengeti.  The resort is famous for its excursions.  The truth is its best feature is the pool.  Here you can kick back and take in memorable views of the local wildlife and the national park property.

2.  Gellert Baths, Hungary

You will find the gorgeous Gellert Baths in Budapest.  This beautiful complex consists of swimming pools, thermal pools, wave pools, and the historic baths.  The thermal springs here harken back to the 1400s.  If you’re looking to spend more than a day here then you’re in luck.  In 1918 the locals opened an adjacent resort named the Gellért Thermal Bath and Hotel.

3.  San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile

San Alfonso Del Mar is 3300 feet in length and spans a total of 20 acres.  It’s located right on the water Algarrobo about  60 miles from Santiago.  This private resort’s saltwater pool was once the largest in the world.  It’s the largest man-made lagoon.  This pool so closely hugs the coastline that it’s like another beach. 

4.  Queen’s Bath, USA

Unsurprisingly, you will find the tide pool known as Queen’s Bath ensconced in the town of Princeville on the isle of Kauai.  Veteran visitors confirm that this is the place to see Hawaii in all “its untouched glory.”  If you visit the island then you simply must see Queen’s Bath.  Experience this sinkhole’s clear water amidst the lava rock.  

5.  Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore

The 57th-floor Marina Bay Sands Resort is home to the largest rooftop infinity pool on the planet.  Mere minutes away from the ArtScience Museum and the Chinatown Heritage Center.  You’ll find it on the top floor.  It’s a 490-foot (150-meter) infinity pool on the planet’s biggest cantilevered platform which actually hangs 220 feet or 67 meters over the north tower.   

6.  Havasu Falls Natural Pool, USA

Image courtesy of travelthewholeworld.org

The Havasu Falls natural pool can be found in a place very popular with our readers.  It’s one and a half miles out of Supai on the Havasupai Reservation in the famous Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona.  You have to be in decent shape to experience this pool though as it’s a 10-mile hike to reach it.  

7.  The One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives

You will find this place roughly 400 miles south of Sri Lanka in the crystal blue Indian Ocean.  The One & Only Reethi Rah radiates real natural elegance.  There are a dozen different pristine beaches here at this noteworthy resort.  This particular pool is perhaps the most convincing reason to avoid every one of them.

8.  Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

You will find these unique thermal pools in Turkey’s Denizli Province.  The word “Pamukkale” is Turkish for “Cotton Castle.” Folks might associate Turkish baths or even hot springs with this country. Hot springs here are actually rather rare.  It’s also an official UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It features a total of 17 terraces that create individual mineral-rich infinity pools.

9.  The Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy

Image © Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The famous Grand Hotel Tremezzo can be found on the shore of lovely Lake Como.  It is reportedly an immaculate, art nouveau resort with all the amenities.  One of the best things here is the wonderful Water-on-the-Water pool floating right there in the center of the lake.  The Garden Pool and T infinity pool are also worth visiting.  

10.  Ik Kil Cave Pool, Mexico

If you’re in Mexico be sure to stop at  Chichén Itzá.  Visit the Ik Kil cave pool.  This ancient cenote or sinkhole was once used for sacrificial offerings by the Mayans.  Today visitors from across the planet stop here.  Water lovers will be happy to learn that this cave pool even comes complete with a convenient carved stairway. 

11.  The Bondi Icebergs Club, Australia

Follow in the footsteps of the famous Bondi Icebergs Winter Swimming Club.  Launched in 1929, its legacy lives on in Sydney at the well-known saltwater pool situated on the edge of popular Bondi Beach.  You can visit any time of the year.  So stop by and experience both the memorable views and a potentially jolting swim. 

12.  The Neptune Pool At Hearst Castle, USA

The striking Neptune Pool at famous Hearst Castle in San Simeone, California is said to have been a true labor of love for William Randolph Hearst.  It went through two renovations.  The pool is named after the Roman god of freshwater.  It features an alcove, gutters, and basin lined with Vermont marble and Italian relief sculptures. 

13.  The To-Sua Ocean Trench, Samona

The “Toe Sua Ocean Trench”.
There were only 3 things to see in Samoa – Lava Tubes, Beaches & Waterfalls. This was a lava tube. Jhei managed to get down that ladder without killing herself OR drowning. This compound was set in a really beautiful garden, as were a lot of places in Samoa

Ensconced in the verdant tropical gardens of Upolu Island, you will discover the To-Sua Ocean Trench.  The name To-Sua means “a giant swimming hole.”  It’s 30 meters (98+ feet) deep.  Whether or not you choose to go for a swim this natural landmark is something wonderful to see.  It’s also great for picnics and small weddings. 

14.  Erawan Falls, Thailand

One of the highlights and natural wonders of  Kanchanaburi Province is Erawan Falls.  The country’s most famous falls are in the Erawan National Park.  Travelers from around the world come to see the jewel-colored pools and stunning seven-tiered falls.  Visitors may even picnic at one of the lower tiers and partake of a meal with a view. 

15.  The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Image courtesy of travelguideiceland.com

The beautiful Blue Lagoon is located near Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula. National Geographic named this geothermal resort one of the 25 Wonders of the World back in 2012.  This world-class spa is promoted as both an “otherworldly wonder” and a hot spot for “many famous faces”.  It’s about 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the airport.

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