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The Bourne Stuntacular is Now Open at Universal Studios Florida

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The imagery shown throughout this blog post does not represent current operational and safety guidelines at Universal Orlando Resort.  Please refer to our safety guidelines. 

“HOLY SMOKES! How did they do that AND can I see it again?!” – Me, during my first time seeing The Bourne Stuntacular.

Walking in, I knew there was going to be all the action that the Bourne film franchise is so well known for and real stunts blended with cinema. What I didn’t expect was my eyesight tricking my mind in the most delightful way possible.

I know what you’re probably thinking – what does that even mean? Well, for example, in one of the first scenes that I saw, there was a group of performers on the stage…or so I thought. In reality, there were only a few performers physically on the stage, while the rest of the group was in the cinema on the screen. But for the first few minutes, I didn’t even realize the difference until a show producer pointed it out to me!

And that’s just one example.

But before I get ahead of myself, let me share the good news that you can now experience everything I did, and trust me, you need to see it to believe it.

The Bourne Stuntacular in Universal Studios Florida delivers a hybrid form of entertainment that has never been seen before. Here are all the details about the all-new live-action stunt show.

You’ll Be Surrounded By Your Favorite Scenes AND Actual Props From The Bourne Films

As you walk into the queue of the attraction, one of the first things you will see are images of your favorite scenes from “The Bourne Identity,” “The Bourne Supremacy,” and “The Bourne Ultimatum.” My favorite scene is featured as a real prop from the films – the car from an iconic chase down several flights of stairs from the “The Bourne Identity.” You will also see Jason’s go-to form of transportation in “The Bourne Ultimatum” — his motorcycle.

Experience An Original Storyline That Takes Place Within The Bourne Universe

You’ll pass through security scanners into mission headquarters where you’ll be welcomed and briefed by my favorite character in the franchise, Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), Jason Bourne’s main confidant who helps him remember his past. Nicky, who can’t be in the field, will ask for your help tracking Bourne to ensure he does not get fooled by rogue double agents.

Then, as you enter the theater, you’ll join Jason Bourne as he travels across three continents and the cities of Tangier, Washington D.C. and Dubai, to uncover classified information all while trying to evade capture at every turn. Being a bit of a travel nut myself, I loved this part of the show, with Dubai being my personal favorite. I felt like I was really in the city and there’s even a chase scene through the desert!

Extreme Stunts = Extreme Action

The Bourne Stuntacular

Ya’ll, believe me when I say the stunts in this new show are next-level and here are a few reasons why:

  • The principal stunt trainers have doubled for A-list celebrities in some of the most popular action films and TV shows of all time. They have been working closely with the cast to deliver stunts that rival what can be seen in blockbuster films.
  • By the time the show opens, the performers and technicians will have trained and rehearsed for more than eight months to prepare and learn the intricate technical systems and maneuvers.
  • Two high free-falls – one reaching 22 feet from atop a Dubai apartment building.
  • There is as much action behind-the-curtain as there is on stage, with performers interacting with high-tech props beneath the stage on lifts, from the sides on automated traveling scenery like an apartment high-rise, and from overhead on a helicopter, a wrecking ball, ladders, and much more. It got to the point where I realized I kept turning my head in every direction just to keep up with the movements.

Without giving away too many spoilers, there is a scene where the character of Jason Bourne is being chased on a motorcycle when suddenly both the screen and Bourne go from normal speed to slow motion. At first I thought the performer was in the cinema of the show, but no…the live actor was holding himself up and moving in slow motion in a way that still gives me goosebumps.

Cutting-Edge Technology You Have to See to Believe

The Bourne Stuntacular Technology

The Bourne Stuntacular features some of the most advanced technology of its kind, like automated vehicle-tracking-systems, pinpoint-accurate projection mapping, and more. Fun-facts about the tech:

  • There is an immense LED screen measuring 3,640-square feet at 130-feet wide and 28-feet tall. This is code for one really, really, really BIG screen.
  • Advanced projection mapping works seamlessly alongside the cinema of the show, projecting pin-point accurate images on top of moving scenes.
  • One of the largest action show structures ever created for a Universal show – the car lift – sits beneath the stage and measures nearly 20 feet tall. The lift is capable of lifting and rotating two vehicles 280-degrees and raising and lowering each car independently from seven feet beneath the stage to above stage level. Putting this into perspective, when I watched the show the first time I had no idea there was anything beneath the stage, let alone two cars and a 20-foot wide structure that they operate on. All I saw were two cars suddenly racing, which left me wondering, “how did those get on stage?!”

You Won’t Just Watch The Action Unfold – You Will Feel It

The Bourne Stuntacular Flying Stunt

Rounding out the experience are captivating practical effects that will make you feel like you’re right by Jason Bourne’s side through the use of fire, smoke, wind and more, including:

  • Eight moving set-pieces ranging from a three-wheeled motorcycle, a tower in a Tangier marketplace, and the front entrance of a grand mansion.
  • Gusts of wind as a helicopter travels overhead, the blast of a steam boiler, and several other explosions, including flames reaching a height of 20 feet.

Plus, our Entertainment and Creative Teams have been working hand-in-hand with the filmmakers and producers that worked on the Bourne film franchise to create an authentic and action-packed experience that will fully immerse you in the world of Bourne.

Let us know in the comments below what you’re most pumped to see. The chase is on!

Click here to learn more about the current operational adjustments that have been made to ensure safety measures are in place during your upcoming visit.

Hailey Fitch
Hailey Fitch

Hailey Fitch is a Public Relations Representative for Universal Orlando. When she isn’t obsessing over when to use the oxford comma, you can find her geeking out over super heroes, planning her next travel adventure and drinking wine on the couch. Hailey is a coffee addict and a proud New Yorker.

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These 7 Underwater Cities Are Open to All – Add to Bucketlist , Vacation Deals

By MM Travel and Tours in Destinations to Travel

The phrase “underwater city” might make you think about Atlantis from the movie “Aquaman.” Plato even alluded to the fictional island many years ago. Ah, but there are actually places in the real world where you will find more than an octopus’s garden. Rest assured there are real-life underwater cities as well. Here we present but seven stunning travel destinations if you would like to explore undersea cities and villages.

1. Shi Cheng, China

Shi Cheng is an ancient city now under Lake Qiandao. This ancient metropolis, founded roughly 1300 years ago, currently lies between 26 and 40 meters (85+ and 131+ feet) beneath the water.

The valley where the city was located was intentionally flooded back in 1959. The government did so in order to build a hydroelectric power plant and an artificial lake. The power station no longer produces energy but is a top tourist stop. The peaks of the submerged mountains look like groups of islets thus this place is nicknamed the Lake of the Thousand Islands.

The water temperature averages between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit and thus the underwater city remains in remarkable condition. You can see its gateway and buildings carved with various mythological creatures. The weather is always acceptable but the very best time to visit this Qing dynasty city is in the fall when it is sunny, dry, and colorful.

2. Kalyazin, Russia

If you’re rushin’ to Russia here is another special spot to add to your potential itinerary. Oh, what’s even better is you do not necessarily need to be a scuba diver to explore the Kalyazin ruins either. The city’s cathedral belfry towers high over the water.

Once significant as an important commercial center, it began to lose its importance following a revolution in 1917. Decades passed and it became all but insignificant. Thus in 1940 the powers that be decided to relocate the locals to higher ground and sink most of the city in order to construct the Úglich reservoir.

3. Sant Romà de Sau, Spain

San Romà de Sau is a little village in Catalonia’s Osona region. It is totally submerged by the water of the Sau dam. This place once had a bridge, homes, and even a nice Romanesque church.

The best time to visit is when the reservoir is not filled to capacity. It is then that you can see the church’s bell tower emerging from out of the water. Mind you, if you get there during a drought you can visit the ruins of the entire village because there is no water there at all.

4. Mediano, Spain

The underwater village of Mediano can be found in Huesca, Spain. In 1969 the village was intentionally flooded in order to build a reservoir. The news media did not report it when it happened but the reservoir was opened with warning the locals.

When the area began to flood, the residents had to flee their homes taking little more than only what they could carry. All but one building disappeared as the water level rose. The bell tower of Mediano’s church–which dates back to the 1600s– remained above the maximum water level. If you visit today you will be able to see a few of the buildings rising slightly above the water’s surface.

5. Port Royal, Jamaica

Port Royal is one of the country’s oldest areas. Thus, it is considered by its citizens to be a significant part of its overall heritage. Unfortunately, for history buffs, part of it is actually under the water.

Port Royal was the official seat of the British government in Jamaica during the 1600s. It was once a popular place for outlaws and pirates and acquired titles such as the “Sodom of the New World” and the “wickedest city on earth.” In 1692 the city was submerged by a tsunami.

The underwater city is not in the best condition that it could be due to the fact that it simply has not been maintained all that well. Nevertheless, according to the official Visit Jamaica website the water around Port Royal is reported to be “an archaeological gold mine, full of pieces of history that tell stories of the early days of the English occupation.”

6.  The Lost Villages of Ontario, Canada

A total of 10 different towns make up the famous “Lost Villages” of Ontario, Canada. They were all once municipalities of Osnabruck and Cornwall in Ontario. In 1958 the construction of a new waterway both of those areas was submerged.

Visitors can see buildings and sidewalks from some places above the water’s surface. Canada dedicated a museum to these submerged towns to keep their history alive. One of the museum’s more memorable exhibits includes a few of the structures that were relocated from the towns that were submerged. Great care has been taken to restore them to their pre-flood condition.

7. Pavlopetri, Greece

Pavlopetri is perhaps the oldest underwater city in the world. It is ensconced off the southern coast of Lakonia. The city was flooded approximately 5,000 years ago. It was not discovered until some time in 1967. Ever since then it has been a highly valuable archaeological site.

According to sources at the BBC, Jon Henderson of the United Kingdom’s University of Nottingham commented on this place following some more recent discoveries back in 2009. He told reporters:

“It is a unique discovery in the sense that we have found on the seabed an almost complete city, with streets, buildings, gardens, tombs and what looks like a religious complex.” The sunken city of Pavlopetri is one of the sites travelers can visit along the different “water ruins” routes offered in the general Peloponnese area.

So there you have it, dear travelers. Not all underwater cities are fictional. Not all underwater cities require visitors to be a scuba diver (although it does generally help). Do you know of any underwater city that is open to all visitors that we may have missed? If so, let us know in the comments section!

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