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On the shores of Lake Erie, in northern Ohio, you will find a small town called Sandusky and on the shores of the lake, you will find Cedar Point.

Cedar Point is a seasonal amusement park that is known the world over. It in an international destination known for its abundance of top rollercoasters. Locally, it’s the “Roller Coast”. The thing is, while the Point is known for its coasters, there is so much more about it now.

This is the opening season of the park and after last years COVID closure, the park is expected to be ripping and ready by the time mid-summer rolls around. Currently, the park is embracing the chance to get back to normal business but right now, you still need a reservation regardless of what ticket, daily or annual pass, you may hold.

Masks are not required outdoors but anyone 10 or older will need to wear one indoors unless vaccinated. For more information click the link above.

Cedar Point boasts rides for all ages, from antique cars to Jeep 4×4’s for the kiddos, to some of the tallest and fastest coasters in the world. Cedar Point stays in competition with other big parks and at one time or another has boasted the tallest wooden rollercoaster, the fastest, and the steepest.

Though guests are required to wear a mask throughout the park, Cedar Point has also created areas called “RelaxZones,” where guests can sit, take a break and remove their masks for a time while staying appropriately socially distanced.

While Cedar Point continues to reimagine the rollercoaster, guest favorites that have survived for decades are still some of the biggest draws. The Bluestreak is the park’s first rollercoaster and dates back to 1964 and offers a ride of one minute and 30 seconds.  The Gemini is a dueling coaster where riders in the blue cars face off against the red car riders in a side-by-side race from start to finish.

Want extreme? Try Millennium Force! Opened in 2002, MF was the first of its kind. A 300-foot tall coaster with a max speed of 93 MPHs and the largest drop of any coaster in the world. Or try your hand at the park’s latest addition, the Valravn! It boasts being the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster “dive coaster” in the U.S. It features a 270-degree roll and a 223-foot drop!

Overall, Cedar Point has more than 70 rides total with 17 of them being coasters.

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