Carnival Cruise Line Ambassador John Heald announced in a Facebook video posted on Wednesday that self-serve buffets would return to the company’s ships.

Heald revealed the cruise line decided to reinstate self-service at the Lido Marketplaces onboard ships sailing in July and August, a decision the brand ambassador said was made based on research and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


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The CDC revised its COVID-19 protocols for cruise ships in June, saying the elimination of self-service buffets and drink stations were now only recommendations instead of mandates for vessels sailing with at least 95 percent of passengers fully vaccinated.

“Because the crew are all vaccinated and because 95 percent of guests are double vaccinated as well, and after all the professional advice we have taken, the buffets are going to be exactly as they were, meaning you will serve yourself,” Heald said during the Facebook video.

While Heald shared his excitement about the return of Carnival’s self-serve policy in place for the first batch of restart sailings, he said changes in health and safety recommendations could result in the cruise line making changes at a later time.

Last month, Carnival President Christine Duffy sent an email to impacted passengers outlining the updated “Have Fun, Be Safe” protocols that will be in place when Mardi Gras makes its debut this summer.

Carnival also revealed in June that it planned to add two more ships to its fleet by 2023.

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