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Maui Hawaii Coupon Codes from Online Travel Agencies

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Quick Guide to Find One Travel and BookIt Money-Saving Coupons

Hawaii Coupon codes from major online travel agencies are not easy to find. Most agencies prefer to offer Maui discounts and packages. Taking advantage of those popular travel deals is simple. Check the Maui discounts and the Maui vacation packages pages for useful tips and links.

But some travel agencies, like One Travel and BookIt, do offer additional travel coupons on top of regular discounts and packages. These coupons tend to be hidden in sub-menus and that’s why most people just don’t know they exist at all. Now, you do! Here’s how to get the coupons.

One travel Coupons


Go directly to the OneTravel website. Once there, click on the Featured Deals tab, then choose Travel Coupons in the scrolling menu

Maui Hawaii Coupons OneTravel

Choose the appropriate coupon (see example on the right), grab the promo code and apply it on your next booking. Make sure to check the expiration date. For more info on One Travel, read my What I Like About It quick review.

Book It Coupons

To keep it simple, here’s a direct link to the Book It Coupons page. All you have to do is pick the best coupon available and copy promo code.

Maui Hawaii Coupons BookIt

Note that you can only apply one code per booking. So choose the one that offers the best discount. For more info on BookIt, read my What I Like About It quick review

Have you already decided where to stay in Maui? Is your flight already booked? And what about your car? If you have a hard time deciding what to book, visit the Maui vacation rentals page, the Cheap Airfare to Maui page and the Maui Car Rental page for advice, useful links and discounts.

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