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Europe is filled with timeless cities — but there is one time of year when some of them really twinkle, sparkle, and shine. On our new seven-day tour, you’ll wander the historic Christmas markets of not one but five different destinations. Vienna! Salzburg! Munich! Nuremberg! Berlin! We’re travelling in that order for this post but you can also choose to do the trip in reverse. Now pull on a festive scarf and let’s go walking in a winter wonderland together through each day of the tour.

Day 1 — Welcome to Vienna

Don we now our gay apparel!

Day 2 — Vienna

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warm your Christmas-loving heart with Glühwein

Day 3 — Salzburg

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stroll seasonal Salzburg with Hohensalzburg Castle in view

Day 4 — Salzburg / Munich

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Christmas comes alive in Munich’s Marienplatz square

Day 5 — Munich / Berlin

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try some Nuremberg Lebkuchen hearts (it’s like gingerbread!)

Day 6 — Berlin

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find a bratwurst in Alexanderplatz and stroll your final market

Day 7 — Time to head ho-ho-home

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end your Christmas tour in a city with a giant tree topper (aka Berlin TV Tower)

Getting There

We’ve got two incredible Christmas in Central Europe tours — all you need to do is decide on your starting point.

Christmas in Central Europe, Vienna to Berlin
Christmas in Central Europe, Berlin to Vienna

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