Traveling. It can be a both love/hate relationship for many of us. While we love the opportunity to explore different parts of the world, there may be some obstacles that we have to overcome in order to experience pure, undisturbed relaxation. For this reason, hundreds of apps have been created in order to aid travelers in their journey to their Caribbean vacation destination and beyond. Here’s a list of some new travel smartphone apps that will ease your Caribbean travel experience:
Zuji Packman
Do you ever feel like you’re forgetting to pack something before a trip? This app is specially designed to create multiple packing lists for your next trip that you able to save in case you may ever need it in the future. You’ll never forget your toothbrush or your camera at home again! If you’re traveling in a group, this Zuji Packman will ease any difficulties you may encounter by uploading and storing your travel itinerary so each person in the group can have access to it. If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of clothes or items your friends are packing, you’re able to view their packing list to get some ideas, although they are able to make certain items private. You’re also able to assign them items to pack for the group and you can set reminders for yourself on any errands you might need to run prior to your trip.
Airports by TravelNerd
Many of us might not tend to associate airports with very positive views, but this app created by TravelNerd allows us to have access to all kinds of airport information- detailed floor maps, Wi-Fi availability zones, gate information, lists of shops and restaurants, and more. There is also a feature where users can pool other travels who can share a taxi with them or find alternative ways to get to and from the airport, although we advise to use this at your discretion.
SeatGuru by TripAdvisor
Have you ever been assigned a seat on a plane that is less than extraordinary? Perhaps it was a seat that always got bumped by people moving around the cabin or it was at a bad angle from the television monitors. By simply typing in basic flight information, this app will give you detailed information about the seat. Each available seat is also given a color code using red, yellow, and green, so green is the best seat in the house and red is the one you should avoid at all costs. Users are also able to leave comments about the seat for future travelers. With SeatGuru, you don’t have to worry about those small details that can turn into a big inconvenience during your flight, especially if it’s a long one.
Every city has attractions that might not be listed on the city’s “must-see attractions” list, but they are worth checking out. Tripomatic was designed to help you find attractions in your vacation destination that you might not have known about that are located nearby. Users are able to create a trip itinerary, share it with their friends on Facebook or Twitter, and see what past visitors have said about these attractions.
If you and your friends are traveler aficionados, this app is for you. Once you sign up through Facebook, Tripl is able to automatically detect when you and your friends are traveling away from home and it can create personalized infographics of their journeys and yours, too. This app also allows users to see if any of their friends are in the area. Your friends don’t have to have the app for you to be able to see if they are nearby as long as you’re connected with them on Facebook. Tripl focuses more on sharing what you’re doing while you’re away and seeing what your friends are doing, as well.

Another great tip is to check your Caribbean Vacation Destination's official website. Many Caribbean countries such as St. Maarten have their own dedicated iphone smartphone applications that can help you navigate the island, find great restaurants or attractions and share your experiences via social media.

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