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© Tim Davidson and Sam Cosner

How would you like to live in your own tiny cabin? Maybe you’re the kind of person who sometimes needs to get away from people. Maybe you think you would love to escape to your own private island? What if you could accomplish all of this for less than the cost of your average, traditional single-family home?  

Believe it or not, one American young couple has managed to do all of that. Rather than save their money to purchase a traditional home, they chose to do something else. They went minimalist, then bought an unimpressive piece of property in the state of Florida and focused on making the place their own personal paradise.

Let’s look in on the people who are living large in a tiny home island escape.

1.  A Different Idea

© Tim Davidson and Sam Cosner

Face it, folks, property ownership is no longer an easy goal to reach, especially for those who have never owned a home. The process is both difficult and expensive. Rather than trying to run the traditional gauntlet of household expenses and decades of mortgage payments, Sam Coser and Tim Davidson had a different idea.

They decided to downsize the dream and avoid some of the usual pitfalls. Their story started with a distinctively dinky domicile and led to erecting a little home island just off the coast of western Florida.

2.  Where It Began

© Tim Davidson and Sam Cosner

The couple first went looking for a home in Florida in 2017. Coser’s lease was up and Davidson wanted to invest in a home. They had not previously considered a tiny home. They considered them impractical. Still, as the reality of the math began to sink in, their minds changed. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a more humble lifestyle, is there?