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Lime Cay: A Break From The City

By M and M Travel and Tours on 20th March 2017 in Travel

Kingston is definitely a must if you are adventuring through the island, whether you are there for music, culture, parties or just passing through. You will indeed feel its vibrant energy and without a doubt you will experience the hot temperatures. Lime Cay is the perfect getaway for a day break to dive into the crystal blue caribbean sea. This tiny island is uninhabited and approximately 2 miles south of Port Royal, the famous pirate town, once an island, which sank beneath the sea after the 1692 earthquake.

If you are traveling with public transportations, you can take the 98 JUTC bus from North Parade heading to Port Royal, the ride is only about 40 minutes. When you reach the small town head to Queen Street, there you will find local fishermen returning from their morning fishing trip, they will take you to Lime Cay for about a 1000 JMD to go and come back.

Leaving Port Royal on a fisherboat.

That moment when you see Lime Cay and can’t wait to get onto the island… You’ll love it!

The 15 minutes boat ride will just build up the excitement of reaching this white sand small island. As soon as you are in the open sea, outside Kingston harbour, you will notice different Cays in the distance, Lime Cay is the main one in the northeast of the reef, about half of island is wooded, the rest is white sand and coral. It has no infrastructure so make sure you bring everything you need for the day!

Choose your perfect spot, you will have no other choice but enjoying this little pearl.

It’s just beautiful here. Please help to make it stay like this.

You can walk around the tiny island and will find all sorts of plants.

On the way back, make sure to get a fish or clams soup at a local shop or find the ‘’Oyster Man’’ who sells oysters on the weekends. Try his “backshot” sauce that is famous for its delicious, spicy flavor or just pick the one that inspires you the most, you will have plenty of choice!

Try some fresh oysters with hot sauce. Photo Valentina M.

While you are in Port Royal and before heading back to town, save some time to take a tour of what was once “the wickedest city in the world”. It is a shadow of its former self, however there are some parts that still stand as a reminder of what it was, like the famous Giddy House landmark.

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