Once you’ve decided that, you get to experience the real Jamaica, and have now hundreds of unique moments ahead. But be prepared!

It is true – traveling off the beaten track takes a bit more time and effort in preparation, but we all know that it is totally worth it. Here are some tips that will help you to make the most of your time in Jamaica.

How to stay healthy:

  • Check the recommended vaccinations and consult a doctor
  • Shop for travel medication
  • Get a travel insurance
  • Take sunscreen
  • Take mosquito spray

How to stay safe:

  • Use a waist belt bag
  • Read travel and security information (e.g. from the foreign ministry of your country)
  • Save numbers to call when credit card gets stolen
  • Make copies and scans of important travel documents, your passport, credit card, etc. (Safe them online too!)

How to plan your trip:

Good to know:

  • Check Voltage compatibility of electronic devices
  • Take a US adapter; You find more information here

What else to pack:

  • Presents for your hosts; during your time in Jamaica you will meet incredibly hospitable people that will make you want to give something back.

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* P.S: we write information to the best of our knowledge! If we missed anything, please share your advice in the comments below!
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