covid-19 tracker tool
G Adventures

As people who also deeply love travel, we know how important it is to your overall well being. Meeting new people, tasting new foods, seeing new things — we’ve all keenly missed the feeling of freely answering adventure’s call. But did you know that thanks to vaccinations, heightened health measures and our dedication to your safe travels, you can get to more places in the world than you’d think? It’s true so we’ve gathered our top tips and tools to help get you safely back out there.

Step one: find out where you can have fun

Spinning the globe and letting your finger decide your next adventure isn’t really the best approach right now. But we’ve got a tool that’s just as easy and way more informative! With a tap here and a toggle there, you can see exactly where you can go in the world based on your departure destination and your vaccination status.

covid-19 tracker tool
with a click and a toggle you can find where to go next

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