Stunning coastlines, gorgeous beach-going natives, and a purely carefree lifestyle are all well-known characteristics of the island life. Sunbathing aside, the Caribbean also has one of the most active and vibrant nightlifes. It’s true what they say: everything gets hotter when the sun goes down. Here are the some of the best beach bars you’ll find in the Caribbean:
Infiniti Bar, Grace Bay Club – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
You won’t find a better ocean view from a beach bar than here – guaranteed. With its sleek and contemporary design, the Infiniti Bar boasts the longest bar in the Caribbean. This marble countertop table is more than 90 feet long and majestically stretches across the beach. The name symbolizes the bar’s appearance that make it seem like it eternally stretches out to the ocean into uncharted waters.
Rick’s Cafe. Negril – Jamaica
Located hillside overlooking Jamaica’s beautiful shoreline is Rick’s Cafe. Locals know this bar as the best place to watch the sunset in the Caribbean and also for it’s famous cliff diving. While enjoying the bar’s signature drink, Rick’s Famous Planter’s Punch, guests are able to watch the local diving troupe jump off the treacherous cliffs into the ocean. While the bar owners strongly encourage guests not to take the leap, it’s amazing how a few mojitos in your system can increase your level of bravery. Make sure you don’t forget your camera before heading here!

Basil Bar. Mustique, St. Vincent and The Grenadines
If you’re looking for a place to drink and dance the night away, Basil Bar is the perfect place for you to wander. Celebrities ranging from Mick Jagger to the British royal family to Kate Moss have paid a visit to this enticing beach bar over the years. Located right on the beach, Basil Bar is the perfect place to order the bar’s famous Hurricane David cocktail, dig your feet into the sand, and drink until “the last man falls”.
da Conch Shack & RumBar. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
This unpretentious beach shack is located right on Blue Hill Beach, a hot spot for both tourists and locals. Unlike many other swanky beach bars in the Caribbean, da Conch is about as casual as it gets with its rustic island shack and picnic tables. It’s been named “One of the World’s Sexiest Beach Bars” by The Travel Channel among other awards and recognitions. Relating to its name, da Conch’s specialty dish is anything relating to conch such as conch fritters, conch salad, conch chowder, and anything else you could think of. It’s a true beach bar by every definition of the word
Soggy Dollar Bar. Jost Van Dyke – British Virgin Islands
Just until recently, the only way you could get to this secluded beach bar was to swim or take a boat, but lucky for those who prefer to stay dry, they added a road not too long ago. The Soggy Dollar created one of the Caribbean’s most famous cocktails, the Painkiller, which consists of a delectable mix of dark rum, cream of coconut, juices, and nutmeg. This humble beach shack is decorated with eccentric sandcastle murals that complement the island feel. There’s no better place to experience a mix of friendly company and aesthetically-pleasing ocean views that will lead you to forget what time or day it is, or maybe that’s just the effects of the Painkiller…

So no matter where you end your day for a sunset and a cocktail, a beach bar visit is a must for an authentic Caribbean vacation experience.

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