Here’s your chance to escape to Disney’s Blizzard Beach before it reopens this Sunday, March 7, at Walt Disney World Resort. Thanks to the power of ASMR, you can enjoy sounds from the water park wherever you may be. 

What is ASMR? ASMR is an acronym for autonomous sensory meridian response. In the simplest of terms, ASMR is refers to a pleasant sensation that is triggered from listening to certain sounds or watching certain visuals. 

Known best for its exhilarating water attractions, Disney’s Blizzard Beach also offers plenty of ways for guests to relax and enjoy the park’s immersive storytelling. Whether you’re seeking adventure atop Mount Gushmore or looking forward to a lazy day floating along Cross Country Creek, Disney’s Blizzard Beach offers something for everyone.

So, let’s settle into a Blizzard-y, Beach-y kind of vibe as we listen to gentle waves crash onto the soft shores of Melt-Away Bay, the simple sound of a Cast Member practicing their mixology skills and the lulling rapids of Summit Plummet cascading down Mount Gushmore’s tallest peak.  

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