Take a break from the norm on your vacation and dive into a few unique adventures you've likely never heard of before. From biking over open water to snorkeling through a sea of bubbles, these experiences can only be enjoyed in the beautiful islands of the Caribbean.

Cycle on Water

Walking on water is still just out of reach, but biking on it can be arranged. If you've ever dreamt of riding a bike over crystal-clear waters, you're in luck. Sugar Beach in St. Lucia now offers catamaran-bike hybrids that can glide safely over open water for a self-guided tour of what lies beneath, offering a great alternative to the usual options of snorkeling or boat tours. The bikes are available for rental, but for a more tame experience, you can try spinning on the water.

Dive for Your Dinner

You haven't had fresh lobster until you've caught it yourself, and Four Seasons Nevis offers just that opportunity. The “Dive and Dine” experience will have you dressing up for dinner — in a wetsuit. Certified divers can take advantage of this opportunity to slip beneath the shimmering blue surface of the warm Caribbean Sea to explore the sea floor and literally lasso your own lobster.

Back on shore comes the dining, where you hand over your lobster to the resort's chef, who will then prepare your hard-earned catch the traditional Nevisian way — with an array of locally grown herb blend. All you have to do is enjoy your beachside cocktail, take in the aroma of salty sea air and fresh Caribbean barbecuing, and maybe catch a few culinary secrets before you enjoy a succulent lobster dinner.

Swim in Champagne

You're probably thinking that diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean isn't exactly a unique idea. But doing it in Champagne Reef is a whole new experience. Immersing yourself in this water will have you surrounded by tiny floating bubbles — much like swimming amongst the little effervescent bubbles in a bottle of champagne.

While the bubbles are fun, the experience is made even more exciting by the knowledge that you're really swimming in a volcano, and it's one of the few places in the Caribbean where it can be done. The bubbles are created by hot air escaping vents in the sea floor of the volcanic crater. Beyond the bubbles, the site is also a very healthy and colorful reef, which is home to a variety of bright sea creatures. The site itself is easy to access, too. No boat is necessary, since this sweet spot is located right off of a volcanic sand beach.

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