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Nightlife in Las Vegas has been splattered across the front pages of magazines since the birth of the city. We are the dominating force, but after years of zombie-like dancing and EDM DJs, it’s gotten a little stale. Vegas nightlife needed someone to create the next big trend. Cue Electra Cocktail Club inside The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort. With its synergistic vibe, a playlist that inspires thought and a top-notch cocktail program that packs a punch, Electra Cocktail Club is a breath of fresh air in a crowded field of cocktail lounges. Welcome to “Nightlife for Adults,” the ultimate playground for creative conversations and self-expression. Here the old rules don’t apply, Electra sets their own and it would be wise to hop aboard before you’re packed in coach with a million others. Here, we don’t like bandwagoners, we hang out with the originals.

Photo courtesy of The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

The Vibe

First things first, if you’re going
to be a trailblazer, you have to make a good first impression. When people pick
a bar, they often choose it for the vibe. Electra Cocktail Club creates a harmonious,
but fun, atmosphere with style and cocktails. The layout of the lounge makes
you comfortable and the music raises your eyebrows because it’s different from
anything else you’ll find in a Las Vegas nightclub, it’s soothing. The sleek
design is something you would find in a glossy catalog, and you might want to
take an ottoman home with you. But the one thing that will catch your attention
is the 40-foot digital canvas that sets the night’s mood. Using more than 70
million pixels, this is an animated art piece and conversation starter. As the
night goes on, and after a few cocktails, you’ll start to feel your mood ebb
and flow with the color of the atmospheric art. If it turns red, maybe you’ll
gain some courage to go over and talk to someone that caught your attention.
Maybe yellow will give you an everlasting energy that will make you want to
stay up until the sunrise, but our favorite is purple. It gives the room a feeling
of mystery and curiosity. After all, everyone loves a good mystery.  

Photo courtesy of The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

Diamond Studded Décor

When your retinas are soothed and
the stress begins to slide off your shoulders and to the ground, take a look
around. If you can’t think of anything to talk about, the décor is a great
place to start. Whether it’s the chandelier with more than 1,200 points of
light or the golden bangle that reminds you of the winner’s circle, the choice
is yours. The diamond studded gold brass bangle descends six feet from the
ceiling, and the bright white light draws you to the center. It’s as if once
you step in, your night will transform. If you stare at it long enough, and
with a handful of cocktails, the golden beauty will start to move. Electra
Cocktail Club created the vibe to have a purpose. Every little detail was
meticulously placed to inspire the patron.

Photo courtesy of The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

The Soundtrack to Your

What’s a better inspiration than
music? It can lift you up when you’re down, it can create an atmosphere that
makes you want to get up and dance. With so many useless conversations and
phone pings buzzing in your ears all day, it’s great to hear something that
resonates with your soul and brings a smile to your face. With Electra’s blend
of classics, indie, synth-rock and hip hop, there’s no bad track. This is the playlist
you would want to play in the background of your life if it were made into a
movie. Electra doesn’t stick to one genre because it doesn’t want to be
confined in a small box. Trend setters don’t pick one thing and stick to it. They’re
adaptable – fluid. If Electra wanted to flip the nightlife script, they needed
to make sure their music shattered the glass ceiling.  

Photo courtesy of The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

The Cocktail Culture

When you hear the name Electra
Cocktail Club, what comes to mind?  For
us it’s a fun speakeasy that serves delicious cocktails. And that’s exactly
what this Las Vegas bar created. It took classic cocktails and reimagined them
in a light-hearted way. Take the Penicillin for example, instead of making this
specialty cocktail on ice, they put an icy spin on it and made it into a frozen
drink. It’s an elevated Slurpee with high-end ingredients that won’t have you
waking up with a headache. It flips slushy drinks from trashy to classy, and
since Vegas is warm 300 days of the year, it will be a great way to cool off. The
names of the other cocktails are fun and memorable as well. Need a pick me up?
Get a Charging Station made with vodka, cold brew coffee, coconut and hellfire
bitters. Looking to get in trouble? They have the Trouble Maker made with of
vodka, sweet vermouth, fresh cucumber, lemon and strawberry.  And if you’re feeling a bit peeved and need
take a load off? The Disgruntled Mai Tai can relate. These drinks were modified
to be fun and entertaining. Electra makes their cocktails sexy and chic, and they
don’t take themselves too seriously. Throw the stuffiness out the window and
laugh at all the names in the book. You might draw people’s attention if you’re
the table laughing the loudest. And it might interest someone to make their way
over and add a different dynamic into the mix of your friends. Nights like
these are meant for you to connect with new people, and it makes it even better
that it’s over whimsical cocktails.

Photo courtesy of The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

Comfort You Can Count

Another trend they’re here to set
is in the seating department. Nightlife in Vegas consists of long lines, lots
of standing and no places to relax and unwind. Electra understands that in
order to truly enjoy something, you need to feel comfortable first. With so
many places to sit, you can easily see how Electra was designed for
conversation. While sipping on your cocktail, you’re lounging instead of
killing your feet in those cute Jimmy Choos. Beauty doesn’t have to come with a
side of discomfort. The seating at Electra is inviting, and no matter where you
sit, you’ll be comfortable. They have sofas lined around the edges of the bar
with more than enough pillows, velvet covered couches that will automatically
catch your eye and high-top seating that will give you a great birds eye view
of what’s going on all throughout the bar. Each one of these seating
arrangements is conversation friendly, and since space matters, there’s plenty
of room for you to get up and move about the room whenever you feel like it.
Remember, the normal rules don’t apply here. Some might say that since you’re
so comfortable it helps drop your guard and opens you up to conversations with

Electra Cocktail Club is a trend that will last in Las Vegas way longer than most of those YouTube challenges. It’s here to challenge nightlife industry standards and create a space that’s setting its sights on how the nightlife experience should be. They want you to feel inspired, they want you to have stimulating conversations and they want you to feel empowered in your own bodies. Once you take a step inside, you’ll see Electra Cocktail Club is filled with people who will respond with more than a “what’s up?” It’s filled with people who will challenge your way of thinking. All of these elements were put together for a reason. Their meticulous planning created a space full of energy, innovation and style. And that, will never go out of style.


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