Disney welcomes new additions to Animal Kingdom park with new births

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is more than a theme park, it’s a zoo contained within a theme park and there is nothing greater to hear about new arrivals.

Disney has announced that not one, not two, but three new additions have been made to the park coming in the form of newborns.

On the Savanna, Animal Kingdoms vast open roaming fields where animals freely roam in most cases, Humphrey the new addition to the giraffe colony has made its first appearance on the Savanna. Disney reported that since birth, Humphrey has been backstage bonding with his mother but now, he is enjoying the freedom.

You can see Humphrey on a visit to the park. The park’s Kilimanjaro Safari takes guests on a safari ride through the park’s Savanna region. Here many of the animals are free to roam the entire area. It is not uncommon to have the ride stopped because a giraffe or rhino has blocked the road. While uncommon, maybe you will get to have a giraffe stick its head into the ride’s cabin to say hello. The jeep-style truck seats many rows of passengers and is not on a rail system but instead, freely rides through the marked trails.

A Hippo swims through the Safi River at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Photo credit: Brian Miller

Humphrey isn’t the only newborn to arrive this year. First, at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, you can see the month-old lowland gorilla baby. Born in July, the baby gorilla has joined its family on the exhibit grounds.

Finally, a new Hippopotamus calf has been born, one day removed from the baby gorilla in fact. You can see the baby during the Kilimanjaro Safari adventure as you cross over the Safi River.

Disney has not released gender, weight, or names for the babies at the time of the press release.

So on your next trip to Animal Kingdom make sure you welcome in the newest and youngest members of the park!

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