Disney eliminates fast pass for "Pay to Ride" Genie app
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The days of getting three fast passes to skip the lines at a Disney theme park are all over but you can still get ahead of the line, just not with the FP+ program.

Disney eliminated the Fast Pass program during the COVID outbreak as they began social distancing measures once the parks opened back up. Many had hoped that the Fast Pass program would return and in a way it has, just not the way many were hoping for.

They say nothing comes free in this world but for years you could book a stay at one of the Disney property resorts and get a free Magicband for everyone in your party. Disney opted to eliminate the free bands as they shifted to an App-based system. Now, with the fast pass gone, that app system is going to be your go-to.

The app system being implemented that will co-exist within the “My Disney Experience” app will help guests navigate the parks based on what they want to do. According to the media release by Disney, guests will be able to set their own itinerary and the Genie+ App will maximize the time based on trends around the park to make your day much easier and enjoyable.

The Genie + addition to the My Experience App is free and will be integrated early in the fall ahead of the 50th Anniversary celebration.

The Lightning Lane pass will replace the Fast Pass plus system that has been around for years. Unfortunately, guests will now have to pay to use the service. Previously you could book up to three FPs per day in a tiered format and then as you use them, you could add another. Now, you can only do one FP at a time and then you must add another after you have finished the one you were scheduled for.

Through the Genie+ app, you will soon be able to purchase Lightning Lane passes for the entire day and this will also allow you to utilize the park hopper system as well. When the system goes live later this year, you will purchase the pass for $15.00 per ticket per day. You can make your first reservation at 7 am according to DisneyTouristBlog.com.

In addition, the DTB blog is saying that an Ala Carte option will also be provided that will encompass the top two rides at every theme park. They say no prices have been set and right now there are a lot of unknowns.

What we do know through Disney, is that the Genie+ will be the big guest immersion option moving forward and that Fast Pass is a thing of the past.

There is good news to the new system and that should offset the price structure.

I have been a annual pass holder and I can tell you that FPs were always a first come first serve type of deal. AP holders could get FPs up to 60 days in advance. At 7 am, you got online and booked your FPs for the day you were going. They were typically all gone by 8.

For those staying at a Disney hotel, they got 30 days advance but most of the time, the FPs were taken for the better rides and attractions. With this now moving to a daily system, there are no advanced FP orders and even AP holders will have to get their passes on the same day.

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