Crystal to Run Ads During Presidential Election to Showcase Brand Expansion


November 4, 2016

By: Newswire

For the first time in over 10 years, the Crystal brand portfolio is returning to television with two 60 second ads highlighting Crystal Cruises and Crystal River Cruises. The spots will run on cable news channels CNN and Fox News leading up to and immediately following the Presidential Election.

The ads come from an ongoing expansion recently started by the lifestyle and travel brand focusing on a growing portfolio of luxury travel experiences. The company is currently planning the expansion of its brand and fleet over the next five years, and is using the ad placement as an opportunity to introduce Crystal experiences to new travelers.

Both ads will underline Crystal’s “All Exclusive” branding which began earlier this year to demonstrate the company’s variety of all-inclusive offerings of onboard amenities and global experiences, many of which are exclusive to Crystal.

The Crystal Cruises spot will focus on the experiences provided by Crystal that have earned the company’s ocean vessels top ratings for over two decades, featuring the cruise lines fine dining, butler services, on board spas and more. The shots will focus on coveted destinations like the Northwest Passage, South America and the Taj Mahal.

The Crystal River Cruises ad will focus on the recent launch of the Crystal Mozart and Crystal River Cruises branding as “The World’s Only Luxury River Cruise Line.” The ad will include shots of the Crystal Life Spa, a rooftop pop-up bar, onboard lounges, butler serviced suites and more.

CEO and president of Crystal, Edie Rodriguez, made a statement about the upcoming commercials, saying “Our aim with these new TV spots, as with our brand campaign and the expansion of our brand itself, is to capture the adventurous spirit, discerning preferences and cravings for new experiences that luxury world travelers share.”

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