August 9, 2016

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new crystal cruises website

In the midst of its brand expansion, Crystal Cruises has unveiled its new website.

Meant to mirror the company’s growth from boutique luxury to an all-inclusive travel portfolio, the website is visually inspired by the company’s All Exclusive brand campaign.

Travelers will also find new features as part of the website’s redesigned interface, such as video, an interactive cruise calendar, and a “compare” feature that allows users to explore options across all Crystal experiences. 

Compatible across all types of devices, the new Crystal website uses a horizontal swipe experience with a tablet-first approach to the design, meant to keep the visitor constantly engaged with movement, stunning photography, and insightful slideshows.

Some new highlights of the new website include: 

  • Interactive Cruise Guidebook – Updated with engaging slideshows, simplified usability, and information about each vessel. 
  • Dynamic Cruise Calendars – New filters and an updated design allow for simpler navigation of types of travel (ocean/yacht/river), destinations, departure dates and duration. 
  • Innovative Compare Feature – The newest component to Cruise Calendar allows for comparison of up to three voyages on any Crystal experience, as well as the ability to compare travel among the different Crystal travel experiences. 

Crystal worked with VML, a Kansas City, MO-based global marketing agency renowned for its expertise in digital technology to develop the contemporary design and high-performance framework behind the new website. 

Visit www.crystalcruises.com

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