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A cruise ship worker for MSC Cruises jumped into the water to save a passenger who went overboard in Italy the Independent is reporting.

An Irish woman was rescued after going overboard on MSC Seaview earlier this week in the Italian city of Genoa.  A crew member who saw her go overboard dived in the water to save the passenger.

The woman was recovered in minutes and taken onboard for medical care.  She was then taken to a nearby hospital for further medical attention.  The crew member who saved the woman was reportedly in good health after the incident.

The reason for the passenger going overboard is unknown at this time.

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MSC Cruises told the Independent the crew member acted in the quickest and most effective way, securing the safety of the overboard passenger.

The cruise line went on to thank the Coast Guard and local law enforcement for their support.

MSC Seaview is the second Seaside class cruise ship from MSC Cruises.  The ship debuted last year and is based in the Mediterranean.

MSC Seaview was on a seven night cruise to the Mediterranean at the time of the incident with port stops in Barcelona, Ajaccio, Genoa, La Spezia, Civitavecchia, Cannes, and Palma De Mallorca.

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