This May 24th thru May 26th, join thousands of chocolate lovers from all over the world in celebrating The Chocolate Festival of Belize in the tropical wonderland of Toledo. Toledo is home to a world famous breed of chocolate plant that is said to be some of the finest in the world, that along with the lush untouched beauty of Toledo makes for an excellent location to enjoy three days of celebrating chocolate, Belizean culture, and much more. The festival kicks off at the Belcampo Lodge, for a night of live music, fine wine, and of course, the finest chocolate the Caribbean Island of Belize has to offer, including specially brewed Chocolate Stout. Taste and explore the newest and greatest chocolate creations from chocolate makers from all over Belize. Traditional steel pan music will wow any visitors, and create an exciting jungle setting that will capture any audience.

The next day features the Taste of Toledo Street Fair, providing a day of entertainment, family fun, delicious cacao themed food, and a chance to get a hands on experience of a culture few are even aware exists. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the diverse range of culture, food, dance, crafts music and more of Toledo’s five major ethnic groups, offering you a first hand taste of Toledo.

Toledo embraces its Mayan culture by ending the festival in the legendary abandoned civilization of Lubaantun, home place of the Legend of the Crystal Skull. Get to know Mayan culture by exploring local craft stalls. Indulge in the delicious Mayan food while enjoying the soothing sounds of the Blue Creek Marimba Band. Followed by stage performances, this promises to be a great way to end a great festival.

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