CDC lifts mask mandates but what does that mean for your COVID travel?

Theme Parks

The CDC issued new guidelines today that will have at least some people thrilled during their COVID travel around the United States.

Masks are no more, well not really, but they are no more! The CDC issued a new guideline that eliminates the need for masks for those who have been fully vaccinated. Read that again, fully vaccinated.

According to new scientific research that the CDC is citing, there is no need for masks to be worn by those vaccinated in public both outdoors and indoors. That being said, they are still asking that you follow local ordinances and public building ordinances. In other words, if your grocery store says “Masks Required” wear the mask.

The U.S. government will likely reduce mask requirements for vaccinated patrons at national parks and museums as well as government offices and social distancing is being eliminated as well according to the CDC.

Animal Kingdom

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL – NOVEMBER 04: Country music star Darius Rucker sings “Candy Cane Christmas” during a taping of “Disney Parks Magical Christmas Celebration,” November 4, 2017, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The star-studded Christmas special, featuring performances from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California, premieres December 25, 10a.m.-11a.m. EST, on The ABC Television Network. (Photo by Todd Anderson/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

What travelers want to know is what does this mean for them? Well for starters, the CDC is saying that if you plan to take a bus, train, or fly on an airplane, you should follow social distancing rules and wear a mask. They are not wavering on that given the close spaces.

For places like Disney World, there is no new, news from the House of Mouse. Disney has already begun increasing guest capacity and have relaxed social distancing rules. Public water fountains have returned and many of the hand sanitizing stations have been removed from some areas.

Disney is following both CDC and the State of Florida rules. The question is whether or not this new CDC guideline will impact the amusement parks in the state. Florida recently passed a rule that businesses can’t make guests have a vaccination.

Cruise lines are threatening to leave Florida considering they can’t require guests to show proof of vaccination and if that is the case, then Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and others will not be able to ask for the Vax card either and because of that, masks will likely have to remain in place.

Keep checking back for more updates as we learn them!

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