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Next time you’re in sunny San Diego, why not get off the beaten path?

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From our friends at Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

Next time you’re in sunny San Diego, why not get off the beaten path? Explore the coast when you visit Cabrillo National Monument, a 25-minute drive from Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa 📸IG: curlyq0323

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Shoreline from North Side of Oahu – Go Visit Hawaii

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Mahalo to Lisa Marie for sharing this shot with us for Aloha Friday Photos. She took this photo while visiting Oahu in May 2019. Looks like a great place to admire the scenery and listen to the sounds of the ocean.


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Let your hair down and put your hands up. #LetHawaiiHappen #VisitKauai

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From our friends at Visit Hawaii.

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Let your hair down and put your hands up. #LetHawaiiHappen #VisitKauai


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Orchid or maile? Each lei holds a special meaning. #LetHawaiiHappen

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From our friends at Visit Hawaii.

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Orchid or maile? Each lei holds a special meaning. #LetHawaiiHappen


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Your Guide to the Details Harry Potter Fans Will Appreciate About Hogwarts Castle

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One of the best parts about riding Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is getting to walk through the queue inside Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is by far my favorite themed queue of all time because of the amazing relics with unique stories and incredible details. So I grabbed my robe, wand, and reporter’s hat to bring you the stories behind the most famous relics found in Hogwarts castle at Universal Orlando Resort.


The Two Guardian Boar Statues at the Gates

At the entrance of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the first things we come face-to-face with are the two boar statues. Right below the guardian boars, you will see the name of the attraction lit up in small lights that cascade from top to bottom.



Sitting at the top of the greenhouses we find Mandrakes — a tufty little plant that can be quite dangerous. If de-earthed, a fully matured Mandrake’s cry can be fatal to those who hear it. So, let’s leave them planted, shall we?

House Points

Another relic you will find is the hourglass-like cylinders displaying the standings of the house points. Triumphs during students’ time at Hogwarts will earn the house points, while any rule-breaking by students will lose house points. As a non-biased Hufflepuff, I think Hufflepuff should be in the lead, but who do you think should be on top?


Potions Classroom Door

As you leave the dungeons, don’t miss the door on your left titled “Potions Classroom”. If you listen closely, you can hear what’s going on inside, as well as some familiar voices.

One-Eyed Witch Statue

Continuing along, you’ll pass a statue of a humpbacked, one-eyed witch. Harry first encountered the Marauder’s Map near a one-eyed witch statue just like this one. Mischief Managed!

Professor Severus Snape’s Office Door

As entrancing as the one-eyed witch statue may be, keep your eyes peeled for a door labeled for the infamous Potions master. If you angle yourself just right, you can see it toward the left. This is — in my opinion — one of the coolest things to see.

Mirror of Erised

We’ll also encounter the Mirror of Erised. The attention to detail is stunning, complete with the “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi” inscription in beautiful gold lining. Take a moment to stand and gaze into the mirror to discover your deepest desire!

Griffin Entry to Office

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know all about the entrance to Dumbledore’s office. The Griffin statue requires a password to gain entry, and knowing Dumbledore’s favorite sweet treat has proven helpful in the past. Of course, after this can only come…


Dumbledore’s Pensieve

Nestled safety in Dumbledore’s office is the Pensieve -a very unique enchanted item where one can deposit their thoughts or memories. The Pensieve was a very important element of Harry’s journey and is destined to become an exciting sight in yours!

Sword of Gryffindor

The sword of Godric Gryffindor, one of the Hogwarts founders, was made a thousand years ago and is known to appear to true Gryffindors who are in need of it. You can find the ornate sword displayed hugging the wall opposite of Dumbledore in his office. Look up so you don’t miss it!


Dragon Skeleton

Finally, we’re here. This is my favorite room because there are lots of interesting things in it. Here you will find a relevant artifact from every Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, serving almost as a trophy area from teachers who have come and gone.


Fat Lady Portrait

Never a dull moment near the entrance to the Gryffindor common room — the Fat Lady never stops talking. She even mentioned she would go to the Quidditch match if someone could just lift her up and take her but don’t look at me. Any volunteers?

Quidditch Board Game

The board is set for people to play a board game of Quidditch, but you won’t find any of the pieces except for the stands. There is only one visible Quidditch board game in the castle and it’s spiritedly themed with the four Hogwarts house colors.

Wizard’s Wireless

Looking much like the radios of yesteryear, is a wizard’s wirelesss. We can almost imagine the Gryffindor students gathered around listening to Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees on the Wizarding Wireless Network. If you get really really close you’ll hear… nothing, sorry.

Sorting Hat

The last thing you’ll see before you hop on for the ride of a lifetime on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Say hello and goodbye to the familiar face of this incredible hat and get ready for quite the adventure with Harry, Ron, and Hermione!

So, did I blow your mind? Did you learn something new? Let me know in the comments below and share your favorites on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #WizardingWorldOrlando

Daniel Pacchioni
Daniel Pacchioni

Content Strategist and Professional Curious Person at Universal Orlando Resort. “Curious George ain’t got nothin on him” – Denzel Washington. Loves made up quotes, Koala Bears, the Arts, and Matcha Tea.

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6 Stress-Free Cruises for First-Timers

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By: Elissa Garay / Reposted from:

Looking to get your feet wet in the wide world of cruising?
With an overwhelming number of itineraries spanning the seven seas—on
ships of all shapes and sizes—it can be tough to find your niche for a
first-time cruise. Keep the high seas low stress by sticking to one of
these rookie-ready itineraries that are sure to please anyone in search
of their nautical stripes. Whether it’s gliding along European waterways on a sleek riverboat
or a quick jaunt to the Bahamas on a tricked-out mega-ship, when
setting out on these voyages, you can be sure that your first cruise
won’t be your last.

1. “A Taste of the Danube” River Cruise on Avalon Waterways

European rivers are the perfect place to the test the waters for would-be cruisers, thanks to calm waterways (no bouts of seasickness
to contend with here), intimate ships (rarely carrying more than 200
passengers), and port-intensive itineraries that showcase the best of
Europe’s cultural and historical attractions. While most river voyages
run a week or longer in duration, Swiss company Avalon Waterways
caters to first-timers with its series of “Short & Suite” three- to
five-night itineraries, perfect for those tight on time, budget, and/or
tolerance. Their three-night “A Taste of the Danube” offering sails
between cultural heavyweights at Budapest and Vienna, stopping for
excursions in Slovakia (at Bratislava) and Austria (at Melk and
Dürnstein) en route—where you might tour Melk’s 11th century Benedictine
Abbey or bike through the vineyards of Austria’s Wachau Valley.
Sailings in 2020 embark aboard a quartet of the line’s sleek, 128- to
166-passenger “Suite Ships,” known for their signature spacious cabins
that convert to open-air balconies via floor-to-ceiling, sliding-glass
doors—with beds positioned to face the passing landscapes. Sailings in May, July, and September–November 2020; rates from $810 per person;

2. Quickie Bahamas Escape on Royal Caribbean Mega-Ship

The bigger-is-better crowd won’t be disappointed with a Royal Caribbean
sailing, the ultimate mega-ship line (its 26-ship fleet claims the
world’s four largest cruise ships, carrying more than 6,500 passengers
apiece), known for its multigenerational appeal and slate of whiz-bang
features. Give ’em a whirl aboard a beachy Bahamas sampler sailing, with
quickie three- and four-night voyages scheduled year-round aboard the
3,386-passenger Navigator of the Seas from Miami and 3,344-passenger Mariner of the Seas from Orlando (via Port Canaveral). Both runs incorporate a stop at the Bahamian capital at Nassau, gateway to attractions like the Atlantis, Paradise Island resort and the turquoise waters of Cable Beach, as well as at the line’s recently revamped private island
experience Perfect Day at CocoCay, home to North America’s highest
waterslide and the Caribbean’s biggest freshwater pool. Onboard, you’ll
be spoiled for choice of amenities, with dining, entertainment,
nightlife, and pools aplenty, and diversions that span surf simulators,
escape rooms, waterslides, glow-in-the-dark laser tag, and more. Sailings embark year-round; rates from $177 per person;

3. Classic Med Sampler on a Tall Sailing Ship with Windstar

a reason sailors have been plying the Mediterranean for millennia—there
are incredible places to see and near-perfect at-sea conditions in
which to get there. Today, the trade and conquering mindset of yore may
not factor in, but idyllic ports and a touch of romance are just as
motivating, especially when swooping in below the billowing white sails
of Windstar’s intimate, 342-passenger Wind Surf. The line runs a standout port-intensive itinerary between two of the region’s blockbuster cities—Barcelona and Rome—with
a dreamy mix of yacht- and culture-flooded ports in the French and
Italian Rivieras wedged in between, including Palamos, Sanary-sur-Mer,
Monte Carlo, Cannes, Portofino, and Portoferraio. Bonus: The ship, which
is known on the culinary front for menus that feature creations by
James Beard-associated chefs, as well as its retractable water sports
platform, is in the midst of a facelift this fall, and will emerge in November with upgrades like a brand-new spa and wellness center. Sailings from April through September; rates from $2,699 per person;

4. Alaska Sailing with the Experts on Princess Cruises

its rugged snowcapped mountains and calving glaciers backdrop, met by
waters teeming with spectacular marine wildlife (where whales and orcas
abound), Alaskan waters are tailor-made to cruising. Discover “the Last Frontier” in expert hands with Princess Cruises,
which has been voyaging to Alaska for more than 50 years. The line
offers the most robust cruising calendar in the region (with eight ships
positioned here for the 2020 sailing season), plus its own railway car
and five wilderness lodges on shore, primed for its customized
land-and-sea “cruisetour” vacations. Their weeklong cruise-only
itinerary aboard Princess’s 3,560-passenger Royal Princess affords an excellent entrée to the best of Alaska, sailing between Anchorage and Vancouver,
and visiting Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan in between, along with a
day of scenic cruising in Glacier Bay National Park. On board, enjoy
Princess’s Alaskan signatures like “Cook My Catch,” where guests can
have the fresh-caught bounty from their salmon and halibut fishing
excursions prepped to their liking, or “Puppies in the Piazza,”
featuring onboard meet-and-greets with Alaskan sled dogs. In port, other
exciting excursions include a Discovery-branded “Deadliest Catch”
crabbing boat ride off the coast of Ketchikan. Sailings from May through September; rates from $669 per person;

5. Yachting the Caribbean on Seabourn

It’s little wonder that the Caribbean
is the most popular cruising destination in the world. Tropical temps
(a special lure come wintertime), gorgeous beaches, and a laid-back
lifestyle put forth a winsome combination, while the region’s
multi-island geography is conveniently explored aboard a floating home
base. Get there in style with the upscale mega-yachts of Seabourn: Both
their 458-passenger Seabourn Odyssey and Seabourn Sojourn
winter in the region, offering a range of 7-night-plus itineraries. The
shorter weeklong voyages, which start and end within the Caribbean,
sailing between Philipsburg, Saint Maarten, and Bridgetown, Barbados,
rotate featured ports, where excursions might include chef-led outings
in local markets, tours of UNESCO sites (the line is the official cruise
partner of UNESCO World Heritage), or beach BBQs, complete with grilled
lobster—as well as caviar, delivered by Seabourn waiters right into the
surf. Onboard, expect menus backed by top chef Thomas Keller
(paired with included-in-the-rates wines and spirits), a significant
spa space and wellness programming, and a plush, all-suite
configuration. Sailings from November through March; rates from $2,699 per person;

6. Baltic Sea Expedition with Viking

For some first-timers, the best way to enjoy cruising is to dive right in, and see—contrary to a popularly held misconception about the perceived superficiality of sailing—just how comprehensive a cruise vacation can be. Baltic-rooted and destination-focused Viking is most at home in Scandinavia, where its 14-night “Viking Homelands” voyage, aboard a quartet of sister ships (the 930-guest Viking Star, Viking Sky, Viking Sun, and Viking Jupiter, in 2020), delivers a well-rounded and immersive introduction to Scandinavia and its diverse, yet interconnected, Baltic Sea ports. On the eight-country itinerary between Stockholm and Bergen, Norway—where the ship overnights in each bookended port—port calls include Helsinki; Tallinn, Estonia; Gdańsk, Poland; Berlin; Copenhagen; and Alborg, Denmark; as well as an overnight in St. Petersburg, Russia. Plus, some scenic sailing through Norwegian fjords, along with a couple of off-the-path Norwegian stops, for good measure. (Bonus: you’ll get an included-in-the-rates excursion in each and every port). Back on the ship, luxuriate with complimentary perks like high-tea service, access to the LivNordic Spa’s Thermal Suite (complete with a mineral pool, dry/wet saunas, and snow grotto), and regionally inspired cuisine. Sailings from April through September; rates from $5,799 per person;

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Barbados Food & Drinks To Try While On Vacation | SANDALS

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People who identify themselves with the country of Barbados, often call themselves “Bajans”. Bajans are proud people, and you can tell this by the way they carry themselves, their love for their island, and of course the amazing local dishes enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. This love translates to a beautiful experience for all who visit the island, who discover for themselves just why Bajans are so passionate about the land that they call home.

Where food is concerned, Bajan cuisine is literally a mixing pot of cultures. Flavors from places like Africa, Portugal, and India stand out, and there are also Irish, Creole, and British influences that are apparent even with tasty, tropical touches mixed in. Bajans often use fresh ingredients and home-grown herbs and spices in their cooking, which means even if you think you’ve tried something before, you may still be surprised at its Bajan transformation and upgrade!

Photo credit: Fanfo/

Of all the interesting food options on the island, seafood is somewhere at the top in terms of popularity, and you’ll frequently see items like fish, shrimp, lobster, sea eggs, and crab on the menu. Apart from that, some of the things you see might be a little unfamiliar, as at most local restaurants, indigenous food is often incorporated into the menu.

If you’re planning on going on vacation to Barbados, pudding and souse, pepperpot and cou cou are some of the things you’ll need to get familiar with ahead of your holiday, and as you read on you’ll learn a bit more about what goes into these amazingly unique Bajan dishes which will definitely keep you coming back for more!

Ten traditional Bajan main dishes


Flying Fish

Flying Fish Barbados Food

Photo credit: topimages/

Fish of all varieties are popular among the islands, which makes it not at all surprising that flying fish, with a side of cou cou, is the national dish of Barbados. Considering that flying fish is also the most popular fish catch on island, it explains even further why this dish is loved so much by locals who have various ways of preparing it. Most commonly, you’ll find it next to cou cou, which is cornmeal cooked with okra and water (more on the traditional Bajan side dish cou cou later in this article). Frying, steaming, baking, or pickling are the most popular methods of preparing flying fish in Barbados, and though the basic aspects of making this dish remain the same, seasonings may vary depending on where you get it. Nevertheless, it is one of those things that you shouldn’t leave Barbados without trying.

Fish Cakes

Fish Cakes Barbados Food

Photo credit: Fanfo/

Fish cakes are a Caribbean delicacy, and like in most of the other islands in Barbados, they are made by battering and deep frying them. The filling usually consists of salted cod or white fish and an assortment of herbs and spices. You won’t have a hard time finding fish cakes in Barbados; they’re available from most local food vendors, and even at some of the more upscale restaurants on the island. Some people eat their fish cakes with hot pepper or mayonnaise on the side, while others make a sandwich called “bread and two” with their fish cakes, and this is done by sandwiching the fried fish cake into a bread roll with pepper sauce.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry Barbados Food

Photo credit: gkrphoto/

Who can resist a hearty chicken curry? You might have tried chicken curry before, but what makes this dish extra special in Barbados is the signature Bajan seasoning, which adds the perfect blend of spices, and an overall richness. Curry is best over plain rice, with baked macaroni pie or in flatbread… and in the latter case it would be known as chicken roti. These are the most popular ways to serve it, but chicken curry is so versatile that you can pair it with just about any Bajan side.


Pepperpot Barbados Food

Photo credit: Fanfo/

Bajans know good food, and Barbados is one of the Caribbean islands which has mastered the art of pepperpot. You’ll find meat of all varieties in the classic Bajan pepperpot stew, including pork, mutton, beef, and more. Bajan spices and hot peppers bring the stew together, and pepperpot is usually served alongside rice or bread. It is a popular holiday dish, but you can also find it at some local restaurants throughout the year. If you plan on recreating this dish at home, keep in mind that it works best for a family meal, or for a party, since pepperpot is usually cooked in large proportions.

Jug Jug

Jug jug is one of those seasonal delights that make people happy around the holidays, and it can be compared to the Scottish dish known as haggis. Traditional jug jug is made with guinea corn flour, pigeon peas, salted beef brisket, ham or other salted meat, pork or chicken, onions, and other herbs and spices. Pepper is optional. Bajans are very particular about how this dish is made, and the perfect jug jug will resemble the consistency of Cou Cou, and not a regular soup. Some people like preparing this dish, refrigerating it, and warming it up and serving it the next day.

Mahi Mahi/Dolphin

Mahi Mahi Barbados Food

Photo credit: Fanfo/

Don’t worry, it’s not the playful and amazing marine animals that people fly thousands of miles to the Caribbean to swim with in the ocean that we’re talking about here. When it comes to food, Mahi Mahi or Dolphin in Barbados refers to a popular sport fish that Bajans often serve pan-seared or blackened. The best way to have this is with a side of fries, or with a full meal that includes seasoned rice, lentils, and a fresh salad.

Pudding and Souse

Pudding and Souse Barbados Food

Photo credit: page frederique/

Pudding in Barbados refers to steamed sweet potatoes made with onions, salt and pepper. Souse is a pickled pork dish. The pudding serves as the filling for the pickled pork, and the two are combined expertly for an end result that’s bursting with flavor. Pudding and souse is one of the most loved food duos in Barbados, and while there you can experiment with sweet versus spicy variations to see which you like best. Though pudding and souse are always in high demand, it may take some asking around to find the best spot to pick this up. When in doubt head for the vendor with the biggest crowd!


Roti Barbados Food

Photo credit: EQRoy/

Roti is notorious in the Caribbean, and it is a common menu item in Barbados. You can get roti of every variety on the island, flavored with local herbs and spices. Consider it the island version of a burrito and enjoy it with anything from curried potatoes and vegetable filling, to chicken, beef, and fish varieties. Try the local Chefette fast-food joint for a quick roti on the go.

Barbecued Pig Tails

Grilled Pig Tails Barbados Food

Photo credit: Padchara Krungsri/

This dish isn’t as weird as it might sound, and you don’t have to worry about ending up with a full pig’s tail on your plate. In fact, many people liken it to barbequed ribs in terms of look and taste, especially when slathered with barbeque sauce. Before they get to your plate, BBQ pig tails would have been boiled, barbequed, and thrown around in a delicious barbeque sauce. If you see these on the menu, they are certainly worth a try.

Brown Stew Chicken

Brown Stew Chicken Barbados Food

Photo credit: Fanfo/

Brown stew chicken is at the heart of Caribbean cuisine. This chicken stew, cooked the Caribbean way, is so popular that it has made its way into the international realm, being served up at Caribbean restaurants across the globe. In Barbados you can try an authentic version of this classic dish, made even better for the fact that local spices and other seasonings are at the disposal of all who make it. You can get brown stewed chicken at almost every local restaurant in town. Don’t forget to ask for extra gravy!

Five traditional Bajan side dishes


Cou Cou

Locals make the well-known cou cou dish with cornmeal and okra, or breadfruit and green bananas. Some people compare it to grits. Cou cou is part of Barbados’ national dish, and surprisingly, it is also the national food of the British Virgin Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Antigua. The dish is said to have origins with African settlers in the region, and in Barbados this is one side dish you’ll frequently find on your plate.


Bakes Barbados Food

Photo credit: from my point of view/

If you’re looking for something delicious to eat while in Barbados that you can recreate easily back at home, bakes are a great option. All you’ll need is flour, sugar, nutmeg, and Bajan spices, which you can pick up at the local market during your time on the island. Once the batter for bakes are combined, it is then deep fried until golden brown. Once fried, bakes are either served plain, with fish cakes, as a side for fish or barbeque dishes, or with anything you like stuffed inside.

Rice & Peas

Rice Peas Barbados Food

Photo credit: Mabelin Santos/

Bajan rice and peas goes with just about anything, but it is often served with fried fish. On this island, rice and peas refers almost solely to pigeon peas and rice. The cooking process for rice and peas is simple; the peas are cooked first with seasonings, and the rice is added after. Some people choose to boil the rice with coconut milk to give it a fluffier texture and a sweeter taste. As rice and peas sets the foundation for a scrumptious meal, precision is key!

Macaroni Pie

Macaroni Pie Barbados Food

Photo credit: Fanfo/

You just might fall in love with macaroni pie in Barbados as it has much more zeal than the conventional mac and cheese. Macaroni pie is often served with fried fish, as well as curried or stewed meats. Ingredients for Bajan macaroni pie include tubed macaroni, grated cheddar cheese, evaporated milk, ketchup, yellow mustard, onion, egg and breadcrumbs. The ingredients are all placed into a casserole dish and baked. When this dish is done well, it is extremely rich, and may just be the best thing you’ve tasted in your life.

Salt Bread

Salt Bread Barbados Food

Photo credit: Ekkalak Ngamjarasvanij/

Freshly baked and delicious, however you decide to eat it, salt bread is a great choice for dinner rolls or cutters. Though sweeter bread varieties are preferred in Barbados, salt bread definitely has its place, and locals enjoy it as a snack, sandwich, or as a side. Even though the name suggests otherwise, salt bread isn’t saltier than regular bread, but it is when compared to other sweet bread treats.

Five traditional Bajan snacks



Cutters Barbados Food

Photo credit: Joe Gough/

Cutters are essentially simple sandwiches made with salt bread. To make these, a roll of salt bread is cut in half to make room to stuff your choice of filling inside. Fillings include egg, sausages, ham, or fish – but you can put pretty much anything you desire into a salt bread roll. Salt bread can be eaten all day round, and you’ll find it at most local food spots. Spice yours up with a dash of local pepper.


Dive into your journey of culinary exploration in Barbados with conkie, a much-loved Bajan snack. With corn at its base, conkie is a snack that is especially popular around the island’s Independence Day which is observed annually on November 30th. Aside from corn flour, other ingredients for this local snack include pumpkin, sweet potato, grated coconut, and raisins; these are all steamed in a banana leaf that is wrapped and tied up. Though you may not spot it as often all throughout the year, sometimes you can order it from a local deli.

Guava Cheese

Guava Cheese Barbados Food

Photo credit: Iuliia Timofeeva/

Guava cheese is a real treat, just don’t expect it to look or taste anything like regular cheese though; its color is that of cranberry, and it has a fudge-like appearance. Guava cheese is sweet with a hint of citrus. It’s made by combining guava pulp with sugar, lime juice, and other ingredients. Guava cheese is sometimes eaten with salt bread, or on its own.


Breadfruit Barbados Food

Photo credit: ngoc tran/

Breadfruit’s starchy nature makes it unlike most other fruits, and its unique texture means that it also is never served up in a fruit bowl. In the Caribbean breadfruit is considered a ground provision, along with things like yam, dasheen and the like. There are various ways to cook breadfruit, and most people choose to either boil or bake it or make it into chips. Breadfruit is delicious alongside steamed fish, or brown stew chicken.

Paw Paws

Paw Paw Papaya Barbados Food

Photo credit: areeya_ann/

Paw paw is an interesting fruit with a wild flavor. Many people describe it as a mango-banana-citrus blend that’s super sweet. Paw paw is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, and other nutrients. It has a short shelf life, which means your best chance for the freshest variety might be right on island. Try the local fruit and vegetable market to pick up some paw paw while in Barbados.

Three traditional Bajan desserts


Sweet Bread

Sweet Coconut Bread Barbados Food

Photo credit: MAZM MAZM/

Sweet bread, also known as Bajan coconut bread, is a staple at most Bajan homes particularly around Christmas, or on other special occasions. Inside the crispy crust of this bread you’ll often find raisins, coconut chunks, and cherries. Coconut bread looks like any other loaf of bread, but it’s a sweet treat you’re sure to love.

Cassava Pone

Cassava Pone Barbados Food

Photo credit: Shirley Phoon/

Cassava pone is made with frozen grated cassava and coconut. It is a dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth, without being overly sweet. Cassava pone is known for its stickiness and gooey texture, and it is best described as a combination of cake and pudding. Other ingredients in this dessert include grated sweet potato, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sometimes carrots and raisins.

Bajan Black Cake

Bajan Black Cake

Photo credit: vm2002/

Making Bajan Black Cake is a process that includes soaking fruits like cherries and raisins in rum with spices, but you won’t have to worry about baking your own during your holiday as this dessert is readily available during most of the year. If you travel during Christmas or the holiday season however, you’ll be able to have more than your fill of this delicious treat which usually incorporates Bajan rum.

Five popular Bajan drinks


Rum Punch

Rum Punch Barbados Drinks

Photo credit: Brent Hofacker/

You haven’t tried rum punch until you’ve tried rum punch in Barbados, or at least that’s what the locals will tell you. Waste no time arguing with bartenders, or any islander, where to get the best rum punch. Just order and drink up. No matter where you order, you’re sure to agree that rum punch in Barbados is absolutely delicious and refreshing. What more could you want during your Caribbean holiday?

Want to enjoy unlimited free Rum Punch on the beach or at the swimming pool? Guests of Sandals all-inclusive resorts in Barbados get unlimited signature cocktails and other drinks. All created by the best bartenders on the island, using premium brand liquors.

Mauby Drink

Mauby Drink Barbados Drinks

Photo credit: Shyripa Alexandr/

As it tends to be a little bitter, Mauby is one of those drinks you’ll either detest or love unconditionally. There is no in between, but this drink is certainly worth trying for an authentic taste of Barbados. Ingredients in mauby include mauby bark, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Locals believe there are several health benefits for mauby, including cholesterol reduction, treatment for arthritis, and more.

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer Barbados Drinks

Photo credit: Brent Hofacker/

If you travel to Barbados around Christmas time, ginger beer is one of those things you might be offered everywhere you go. Even though it is considered by some to be a holiday drink, you can find it at other times of the year. In Barbados, this non-alcoholic drink is made with ginger, sugar, water, and lemon juice. It is available in carbonated or non-carbonated versions.


Sorrel Barbados Drinks

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Another popular Christmas drink, sorrel has plenty of health benefits that you’ll appreciate, especially since it is so delicious to begin with. Sorrel is made from dried petals of the sorrel flower (hibiscus), which is believed to help lower blood pressure and it is also high in vitamins and minerals. Other ingredients include clove, ginger, and sugar. Even though it is most popular around the holidays, you can still find sorrel at some local shops at other times of the year.

Banks Beer

Banks Beer Barbados Drinks

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Banks Beer’s has done a notable job with marketing over the years, so much so that you may even recognize the name of this beer when you come across it in Barbados. Banks Beer is so popular in Barbados in fact, that it is considered by some to be a national symbol. Pack it into your beach cooler along with your other drinks to have something cold and refreshing to sip on out in the sunshine.

Did you know? Sandals Royal Barbados comes with a bowling alley and a craft beer bar, serving 19 beers from all over the world – for free, unlimited. All drinks are included in your stay!



What alcohol is Barbados known for?

Barbados is also known as “The Rum Island”, which makes it more than apparent what the most popular thing to drink there is: rum! This equates to rum punch and lots of it as you’ll probably be able to tell right off the bat as you’re sipping on your welcome rum punch drink, and sampling rum punch specials at local bars.

See what else Barbados is known for.

What is the national food of Barbados?

The national food of Barbados is Cou Cou and Fried Flying Fish. Second in popularity is pudding and souse, but as with all other Bajan food, it all depends on your individual taste, and what you’re looking for.

What’s the best resort in Barbados for amazing food options?

All-inclusive resorts like Sandals Barbados are a great choice if dining and having lots of food options are an important part of your holiday. Sandals Barbados offers guests unlimited food and drinks 7 bars, including swim-up bars, and 18 themed restaurants. It just doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to having so many amazing options in one place in Barbados!

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“The AskTSA Twitter Account Will Tell You Everything You Can’t Bring on an Plane

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“The AskTSA Twitter Account Will Tell You Everything You Can’t Bring on an Airplane” Click Here to read about what questions to ask and where to tweet them!  


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Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Destination Wedding

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When planning a destination wedding, there is a lot of things to consider both before the process and during. Below is your guide to planning your perfect day.

Select a destination that can accommodate all your guests. Do you have children coming? Do you want adults only? Are you and your family looking to party, relax, or both? Whatever you decide, there are resorts to accommodate all the above. Be sure to know who you are catering to, and let your coordinator know, so that they can provide you with all applicable resorts. While the day is certainly all about the wedding couple, you do want your family and friends to be comfortable and happy once they get there.

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Create a wedding site! There will be a lot of information that your guests will need and to avoid your phone ringing every other minute, put all the information they need in one place. Things to include should be the room options and their rates, check in and check out times, which restaurants the resort offers, all ceremony, cocktail, and reception times and locations, resort details, which airport they should fly into and transfer information, their point of contact for booking rooms, and lastly your love story and pictures! This will give your guests some peace of mind and will allow you to focus on the planning of your big day.

Work closely with your onsite wedding planner and trust them. It may seem scary to not be in destination while you are finalizing the details of your ceremony, but keep in mind, this is their job and they have it down pat. They are there for all questions and customization that you may need and will make sure your event is everything you want. If you are having doubts, you can always schedule a site inspection to view the property and ceremony locations, as well as meet the face behind all your planning emails and phone calls.

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Research information about the marriage requirements in your destination. Often, it is much easier to get legally married in the US and hold a symbolic ceremony in the resort. No one needs to know you’re already married, as the day will not seem any different. You should be sure of the ceremony you want before selecting your destination. If you do want a legal ceremony, you will need to know all that it requires and entails to be positive you are prepared when you arrive.

Make your wedding day special to you and your fiancé. Your guests are traveling a long way, and it is not just to see the beautiful destination sunsets and blue water, but to celebrate your love. Include pictures, pick some of your music, and make it true to you. Everyone will feel much more at home.

Bring your dress in a checked bag. This is a big question when planning a destination wedding. You want to be sure your dress is arriving there safely and does not get lost. Purchase a garment bag for your dress and bring it on the plane with you. You can lay your dress over the bags in the overhead, or even purchase an extra seat to sit it next to you. Sometimes, there is a closet in first class and you can ask the flight attendant to hang it in there; if willing, this is probably the best option possible to minimize wrinkles. Regardless, when you arrive at the resort, you will want to take the dress out and hang it. Ask the concierge or wedding planner if they are able to steam the dress on your wedding day; this is usually possible!

Secrets Capri Riviera Wedding Suite

Send your invitations last minute. While the standard save the date is sent out about 4 months before the date, you will want to give guests at least 6 months or more to prepare for this. People have budgets and schedules and jobs that they will need to work around and it is important to give them ample time to save and plan.

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Expect all your invited guests to come. This one is tough to fathom, as you, of course, want everyone you love to be able to make it. Destinations weddings can be expensive and not everyone will be able to save enough or even get off work. Keep in mind, you can always plan an event when you get back home for those who were not able to come.

Ignore your guests on every other day besides your actual wedding day. People are coming a long way to see you, and while it is a vacation for them as well, they do want to spend time with you while they are there. Plan activities during your travel week for everyone. This could include a welcome party, private dinners, and even group excursions. Let your guests know you appreciate them coming by showing them a good time.

Breathless Riviera Cancun Welcome Party

Book your room near the rest of your wedding party. Ok, this one is optional, but you will have plenty of opportunities to hang out with your friends and family on the resort property without running into Aunt Sue every time you need ice or a snack. Be sure you and your fiancé have your own private space to really bond before and after the big day.

Planning a destination wedding can be stressful at times, but it is important to remember why you are having this event in the first place: to gather your closest family and friends and celebrate your new journey of love. You will have great time whether your event is sunny or cloudy, held inside or outside, private or public, or big or small. Do your research, know what to expect, and trust that the wedding planner and travel team know what they’re doing. Follow this guide and your day will be just as beautiful as your destination!

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