Can you take full-sized sunscreens in your carry-on luggage? TSA says NO



We were excited to see numerous reports that the USA’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revised their rules to allow full-sized sunscreen in carry-on luggage. Then, we became concerned when we couldn’t find any information on the TSA’s website that matched the reports. We reached out directly to the TSA for clarification. Their AskTSA account was very helpful and promptly replied to our questions. When asked about the reports, their response was as follows:


So, unfortunately, “full-sized” containers of sunscreen that are greater than 3.4oz (100ml) are not allowed in carry-on per the TSA.

Our follow-up question was whether the 3.4oz or less sunscreen container still needs to be in the quart-sized resealable bag with other carryon liquids and their response was yes. They also recommended reviewing this YouTube video:

As rules and regulations are always subject to change, check the TSA’s website for the latest information.

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