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to statistics, over 42.52 million people visit Las Vegas every year. Naturally,
people come to the City of Lights for a variety of reasons, but the most famous
reason is gambling with the preferred table game for most being blackjack.

popularity in Vegas is no accident, as it levels the playing field between
house and player. Plus, blackjack requires strategy and decision-making skills
that base winning on more than pure chance, unlike slot machines or

veteran players complain that the quality of Blackjack in Vegas has diminished
from what it was two decades ago. While it is true that some casinos have
changed some rules and payouts, there are many places where you can still find
good tables.

So how do gamblers find the best spots to play their favorite game? Lucky for them, casino review websites like publish a blackjack casino survey for Las Vegas that includes all major casinos in the city. The guide is completely free online and filters casinos by:

  • Location
  • House Edge
  • Table Limits
  • Specific Variations of Rules

Local Vegas blogger, Heather Ferris, updates the survey each year by visiting the properties and collecting her information first hand. Aside from the Vegas Blackjack Survey, OUSC also reviews online blackjack casinos as well as other games that are available to play in both Las Vegas and online.

OUSC Best Blackjack in Las Vegas online guide.

Best Casinos to Play Blackjack in Vegas

If you
find yourself in Sin City, one of the best Las Vegas casinos to play blackjack
in is the Aria. It offers games from mid-range players to high-rollers. You can
sit at $100 tables that stand on all 17s, and some games have a house edge as
low as 0.2553%.

Excalibur doesn’t just draw people in with its Medieval-theme and castle-like
façade. It also appeals to visitors by offering Blackjack Switch that has a $10
minimum and a six-deck offering with a $15 bet minimum.

Luxor is another great option for bettors that includes 87 table games all
stuffed under its pyramid-shaped roof, including double-deck and eight-deck
blackjack. The best game here is likely the $25 double-deck, with high limit
games that feature six-decks and a minimum bet of $100.

would also recommend visiting Mandalay Bay, the MGM Grand, New York-New York,
and the Bellagio for more card action.

Cheapest Blackjack in Vegas

you’re on a budget but don’t want to miss out on some twenty-one fun, you can
hit up some of the cheapest tables in the city. The days of $1 tables on the
Vegas Strip may be over, but the surrounding areas still have low-cost options
where you can walk away victorious.

Vegas, you can visit Club Fortune, Joker’s Wild Casino, and Railroad Pass
Casino for these budget tables. Arizona Charlie’s on Boulder Highway also
offers $3 tables, and it’s got some of the best deals in the city.

these aren’t to your liking, you can visit North Las Vegas. There, you can
check out the Poker Palace, Silver Nugget, or Jerry’s Nugget to play the game
in 3-2 format, at $3 tables. The Lucky Club Hotel & Casino even provides
gamblers those elusive $1 tables.

bargain option is El Cortez on Fremont Street that is known to have some of the
best gambling odds in the city. It includes a multiplayer video machine that is
a $1, 3-2 game.

Blackjack in Vegas for Beginners

you’ve never played or are still new to blackjack, sitting in on some gambling lessons isn’t
a bad idea. 

If you
run into anything confusing or require clarification, it is best to reach out
to a community of players for assistance, such as the Blackjack in Vegas Reddit group. There you can read tips, player reviews and
ask any questions you may have. Everyone starts as a beginner, so the more you
learn and practice, the better you’ll get.

you feel confident, the best way to test out your newly acquired skills is with
online live dealer blackjack. It is equivalent to the Vegas experience by
featuring dealer interaction, similar stakes, and plenty of excitement and

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