It’s a balmy Sunday afternoon in Antigua. Where are you? Hopefully, having a blast with hundreds of other rum-soaked revelers at the rollicking weekly “jump-up” at Shirley Heights.

For more than two decades crowds have flocked to the island’s southern tip to linger, laugh and “lime” (island slang for hanging out and having a good time) on the historic grounds of this 18th-century military fort. Way back when, soldiers patrolled from the ramparts, keeping watch over English and Falmouth Harbours 500 feet below. Today, visitors arrive in droves to enjoy that same view, now an iconic Antiguan panorama. But instead of rifles and muskets, they’re fortified with rum punches and frosty Wadadlis – and having a much better time.

Savvy partiers turn up in the late afternoon, in plenty of time to secure a good spot to witness the sun set over the harbor. As soon as it does, get ready to rock like a reggae star to live music from the resident band and guest musicians. Fuel your merriment with a heaping plate of barbecue chicken, then bargain with vendors for an authentic souvenir. But don’t lose sight of your number-one priority: partying. Because here at Shirley Heights, it’s all about the lime.

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