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Eating healthy isn’t always easy and sure as hell isn’t cheap, and that’s when you are home but on a road trip it is so much harder.

The United States is a fat country, there is no way to look at it but that. We are tempted with convenience and ease. In this country, if you want to eat healthily, you are going to pay a premium because it is so much easier to buy processed foods that are cheap, and let’s be honest when you are feeding more than just yourself, that convenience is important.

While it is far easier to watch your carbs and your fats and everything else you want to watch, when you get on the road for that long family vacation, eating with your waist and weight in mind, is no easy task.

If you have ever traveled down the highway you know as well as everyone else, you don’t have to go too far to find the next McDonalds or Burger King or KFC, or well, you get the idea. The billboards scream to you and the exit signs in blue are quick to point out the fast-food garbage that is at the next exit.

For the health-conscious, there are options and while some may not be “great” options, they are still there for you.

Eating a salad in the car is great if you are the passenger and the kids may be yelling for fast food and french fries but if you are driving, it is a lot more difficult if not downright dangerous. Even if you have a significant other who will feed you, it still is an unsafe practice. Here are five better options.

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