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India, the land of beautiful places and cuisines, is a treat for any traveller. Life is so short that you don’t want to regret not trying anything, and traveling to India is one of them.

India has a culinary experience that is second to none, and while that’s for the taste buds, the country has a law just like the one from where you are visiting it. If you are an Indian resident, or should we say a citizen traveling within the country, you know the law.

People take the law for granted at times and up on the other end of the spectrum. Every country wants you to visit them and appreciate their culture, work, history, and various facets, but if that happens without coping with the law, then things are going downhill. Without naming names, let’s get down to the things you should do to avoid any action by the country on your visa. It’s just like this from former Mr. President, and believe us, The former Leader of the Free World knows how to call out the wrong, and slow-jam the news.

Never comment on any faith or belief

It’s easy ‘he said, she said” situation where you think that calling out people for their belief or work is a good idea? Think again. Countries from the world over don’t indulge or accept such behavior, then how can a country that is secular and respects all belief systems ever agree to it.

You are free to follow your belief in India, so don’t try to comment on anyone’s religion, belief, descent, color, caste, creed, gender, or orientation. It’s not a good idea to do things that don’t comply with the law and the scriptures of the great nation.

Enjoy Your Trip, and don’t impose your views

How you want to live is your concern and not of the person serving you at the hotel or the comfy space of your long-distance friend in the beautiful country. Poke a nose and get ready for a counter-question. No one asked you for your opinion, so don’t give it.

You can always talk to your friends and share your thoughts, but don’t become the master of an issue that concerns the land and not you or your country in general. Even if you have an X visa given to a specific section and on a special request, don’t try to be the master of something you know hardly about.

Follow the restrictions

Every country has some restricted areas that you are not allowed to visit. It is a country’s right to decide on the places they are ok to open for people and vice-versa. You can not enforce a law if the country doesn’t allow people to visit a specific location.

It’s not like you get detained at the spur of the moment unless you do something risky in nature. Restrictions are put for safety reasons only, e.g., staying overnight at Bhangarh Fort can lead to death too (we did an article on it too). It is why the country has a rule that no one is allowed to stay there after sunset.

Don’t participate in any protest

India is patient and doesn’t lose its cool unless you have repeatedly bypassed its guidelines and warnings. No matter which visa you are on, don’t try to participate in the protests on any subject matter. You may ask what happens if you are in the media, and it’s your job to cover such things?

If such is the case, you get the visa accordingly, privileging you to perform your duties. India values everyone’s hard work, and a country that consists of a hard-working Prime Minister and phenomenal citizens will never let your work get hampered in any way, shape or form.

India’s rise in the world is thanks to its citizens. State boundaries may divide them on the map, but they unite for the love for their motherland. It is the same for every country, but never forget that they have the best forces in the world. Don’t believe us? Stay in the Siachen Glacier for a day and test your power.

Don’t travel to nemesis countries

It may concern you that how can a country restrict my visit to a different country, and rightfully so? It cannot, but do you understand the importance of how traveling to a nemesis country impacts you and your future travel plans. Some countries are in harmony with one another, but some don’t see eye to eye.

It’s not your fault that they don’t reach an agreement because an agreement can only come when two parties agree on common ground. You cannot be their leader and give them a solution because they know the place better than you. So, don’t do something that is not right because everything connects to what you do.

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