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Kolkata is a city in the Eastern part of India and the capital of the State of West Bengal. The city is also called the City of Joy, and rightfully so because it has the embodiment of culture, love, mystery, respect, enthusiasm, and of course, sweets. Don’t blame us if we are already thinking of Mishti Doi as we complete this sentence. It’s yummy and soothes the taste buds and the tummy. Food in Kolkata or West Bengal, in general, has always been regarded as superb, as have foods from other states of the Indian Subcontinent.

It is also the place where Late Great Satyajit Ray lived, who won the Oscar for Lifetime Achievement in 1992. His movies are mesmerizing and a learning experience for anyone that aspires to be a film director. He is an inspiration for people that want to work in the field of cinema and performing arts. A lot of other reputed names in the film fraternity were also born in Kolkata. If you like comedy and want to get rid of your stress, you can always watch Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s movies. Literary experts have graced this place, but today we will talk about places you can visit and the food you can enjoy in Kolkata. Here’s the video of Satyajit Ray Ji getting the Oscar, enjoy.

So without further ado, let’s get down to it:

Howrah Bridge

Before we talk about it, there is a movie of the same name, and you can always watch it. The bridge is an example of modern engineering. Howrah Bridge is made on a cantilever suspension design and is one of the oldest bridges in the city. Can you imagine a bridge with no support in between handles 100,000 vehicles and over 150,000 pedestrians each day?
If that made you go in awe, wait till you get a plate of Kosha Mangsho. It is a lip-smacking meal for anyone that loves non-vegetarian food. The spices add to the charm of the dish, and you feel like in food heaven. The spices add an aroma, mustard oil, and other ingredients help to make the dish. Don’t put your fingers under the teeth out of sheer excitement to eat this tasty dish.

Science City Kolkata

Love Science? We know various people envied science growing up, but the fact remains that science forms the basis of everything around us. If you love science and want to learn or explore more, then this is your paradise. A place with recent technologies and developments in science makes it an apt place for a technological geek. If you didn’t like science during your secondary and senior secondary program, a trip to this location changes your mind.

If you thought that there are not enough vegetarian options, then you are highly mistaken. Cholar Dal is a good choice with Luchi, the flatbread that enhances the taste of this lentil curry. Cholar dal is thick, spicy, and sweet at the same time. The flavors melt in the mouth, and you feel like you can try a lot more, so keep going because we can’t stop talking, and neither can you stop eating this tasty meal.


Eden Gardens

What’s a trip to Kolkata without a visit to the Eden Gardens? You should check on the opportunity to visit this ‘Mecca of Indian Cricket.’ The stadium would have a schedule, and you should plan it because you don’t want to come home empty-handed from ‘Cricket’s answer to the Colosseum.’ The stadium was built in 1846 and has hosted many thrilling matches of International, National, and leagues. It includes the currently deferred Indian Premier League.

It’s only befitting that we enjoy Shukto and Alur Torkari after a visit to the stadium. A bowl of veggies makes Shukto, and these veggies may include potato, pumpkin, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, and more. Alur Torkari may look like the aloo poori from the north, but it different because the potatoes add more flavor when cooked in a tomato gravy. Here’s a song from the Bollywood flick Howrah Bridge, and you can enjoy it.

Alipore Zoological Garden

Let’s forget if you were a science fan or a biology fan and enjoy the animals at the location. No matter how hard you try, one can never get away from nature and the animal habitat that shares their lives with us. Bengal Tigers are a famous name that you would have heard. Various species of all animals acceptable under the Animal Preservation Law are available at the garden for public viewing. Please refrain from making any attempts to entice the animal. You are there to enjoy their existence and understand their nature and not cause harm to them in any way.

This time around, you can try any delicacy such as Chelo Kebab, Mochar Ghonto, Katla Kalia, Macher Muri Ghunto. There are various other things that you can put on your food list, but we don’t want to confuse you as there is a wide variety of food that one can enjoy. It includes Aloo Posto, Phuchka, Telebhaja, Jhalmuri, and Chop. Don’t let your food eating capacity stop you from trying any of these because you only live once, so keep eating because food is bliss for the soul.

Netaji Bhavan

No, this is not dedicated to any political leader as the first name may deceive you, or you may perceive based on the text. It is the home of one of the Freedom Fighters of India, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. His contribution to India’s Freedom Struggle is unparalleled. He escaped house arrest in 1941 and constantly fought for India’s Independence. He organized the Indian National Army and fought against the intruders who ruled India. The news flew that he died in a plane crash in 1945, but it cannot be confirmed, and his death remains one of the biggest mysteries of Modern India.

As we end this journey, and we understand that there are various places to visit in Kolkata, feel free to chime in your favorite places that you would want us to cover, and we will do so. Also, as we end this article and this first of many (based on if you suggest covering more places in West Bengal and Kolkata), let’s end it on a sweet note. Roshogullas, Sandesh, Chom Chom, Mishti Doi, and the festival special (in case you visit during a festival) Patisapta are some sweet delicacies to enjoy.

If you want to know why Kolkata is called the City of Joy, watch this Radio Jockey Praveen from Red FM India’s office in Kolkata that tries to bring a smile to people’s faces with his Chiggy, Kuch Log, and Le Panga series. His team members do wonders in making the video as beautiful and funny as possible, the boss, Priyanka, the colleagues, Malika, Pooja, Maitreyee, Sakshi, Swagata, Nilam, Abhishek, Rohit, Neil, Ayan, Mithun, and Aritro Da.

Also, when you visit Kolkata or West Bengal, don’t feel offended if anyone calls you Da or Dada because that’s the word used in respect of the other person. Here’s leaving you with this Kuch Log video to bring a smile to your face.

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