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Travelling can happen in any way one wants. Walk on foot, hire a cab, drive your car or take the metro or subway to travel between places, but does it entice anyone? Well, not, and so some think that travelling with friends is a safe option to avoid boredom or feel safer and a helping hand when you are in unknown territory.

It all looks good, and maybe true as well, but what’s the point if you travel behind glass and inside a vehicle that makes you avoid the culture and the fun that the location has to offer. Let’s consider India, and think of how would you know about India if you from point A to point B without exploring A1, A2, A3, and the other pit stops in between before B. Here’s why you should travel within any country or city via bike, and if you concur or have a varied opinion, chime in:

You learn about the culture

India is home to varied cultures and beliefs, but they all have something exceptional to tell you. No culture in India or any country existed without a credible reason, and so a bike trip allows you to explore every culture.

The Ghani Khamma welcome in Rajasthan, followed by a Swagat Che in Gujarat, will tell you about their cultures, dressing, history, and unfathomable things. A bike trip through the roads takes you on a journey unknown where you are the explorer, and the road is your companion.

You interact with real people

Reality has a charm that fakers can’t replicate. If you want to know about any person, try to connect with them in their lowest moments. Those moments will tell you what kind of a person you are interacting with and who they are in real.

Bike rides help you do the same when you don’t meet those specially designated to meet you and give an essence of All’s good in the hood. Real people sipping tea on a roadside and dressed well or can interact well will help you understand the country better.

HOOGLY, WEST BENGAL, INDIA – 2021/05/25: A man seen cycling in rain before the landfall of ‘Yaas’ cyclone.
Cyclone ‘Yaas’ will probably make landfall amid Balasore and Digha Coastal areas on May 26, Wednesday Morning. As a very severe cyclonic storm, it may cause heavy rainfall in coastal districts of West Bengal and north Odisha. (Photo by Tamal Shee/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Eat tasty food by visiting villages

Villages are the space where people are real even to this day. They breathe fresh air, get quality food and live a life filled with less hassle and tussle of the cities. It doesn’t mean that city food isn’t good, but interacting with those that grow the crops and feed the people will rejuvenate you.

Every village has a specialty, and they are the basis of any economy. You live in America, Australia, or the United Kingdom, but if the farmers don’t produce food, you wouldn’t see things in your supermarket or any store. It’s relevant to interact with the people that put the ‘food’ in the spaces that help you put food on the table.

Stop anywhere to have something tasty

Believe it or not, stopping a car would take a longer time and more space than a bike. Stop the ride anywhere across the road on the highway and enjoy something tasty without worrying about anything. Food serves you all along, and that is important.

It also allows you to interact with anyone you like without putting in hassles or making faces. Believe it, that conversation can let time pass like water, and you would enjoy local talks because storytelling is an art that Indians are good with any time.

SRINAGAR, JAMMU & KASHMIR, INDIA – 2021/02/25: A silhouette of a cyclist rides along a street during sunset in Srinagar. (Photo by Saqib Majeed/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Learn the routes

Misguided in life or travel can lead to problems, but with you, in the driver’s seat, you know where you have to go, and maps or a GPS can be handy. It doesn’t take away that seeking assistance from locals isn’t good because the systems may take you on a long route.

When you are driving, you are attentive and listening to everything around you. It makes perfect sense because you are in command of where you are heading, and not someone else who can charge you extra and make you hit the bank to pay for their service.

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