5 places to visit in the USA to celebrate the 4th of July Independence Day

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The land of the free and the home of the brave is celebrating its 245th Independence Day soon on the 4th of July.

We are less than 30-days away from celebrating our 245th Independence Day. America sets an example across the globe with the right to free speech. We have the best people in control of this country, and our Commander in Chief does any and everything that will bring peace and harmony to us. How does all of this relate to the 4th of July? We have the people exercising their rights, and The Leader of the Free World ensures that we feel at ease when we are or aren’t within our countries boundary.

The benefit we receive is that our armed forces make it real for us. It’s the men and women in uniform that sacrifice their family time and their precious moments to serve us and to protect our dignity and honor. They walk the walk and talk the talk to ensure that our country remains the best place on God’s Green Earth. With Independence Day approaching, let’s look at five locations that you can visit to make this day valuable for yourself and others as well. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it, and if you have some other locations to tell us, chime in.

SAN DIEGO, CA – MAY 06: Female Marines from Lima Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, stand in formation during a graduation ceremony at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on May 6, 2021 in San Diego, California. For the first time in MCRD San Diego’s history, male and female platoons completed their 13-week training concurrently in a gender-integrated company. (Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)

Visit a Veteran

Veterans gave their lives or suffered a wound to keep the flag high and the spirits above the sky. We enjoy the freedom due to their vigor and valor, and it’s never late to thank them for their service. Every person that walked in the armed forces did it for the honor of the stars and stripes.

If you are a veteran or belong to a family of veterans, then it is about time that we thank you or your family for their service to this country this Independence Day. Due to your service, we see bright sunny days or feel relaxed as we pass through places within the country and worldwide.

Honor people from the Armed Forces and their families

People in the armed forces sacrifice a lot, and so do their families because, with someone from the family away, they have to manage chores and ensure everything is in order. They have to juggle jobs, feed the children, keep food on the table, and the tap water running. These are some of the basic things, but there’s more than that under the wraps.

We work a job or run a business and see our families on a day in and out basis. The people that serve this country don’t get this leisure. Their support system, their family, loved one, the girlfriend that has to sacrifice so that we stay safe. It’s about time that we honor these unsung heroes on Independence Day.

Visitors walk by displays of what an actual 101st Airborne Division soldier would have worn on D-Day at the Pratt Museum in Fort Campbell, KY., on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.
Hpt D Day History 75th Anniversary 13

Visit a museum

The United States of America has fought various wars over the years, with the Vietnam war being one of the most talked-about. These wars were not to invade people’s places but to keep their honor intact and the rights of the people in order.

There is information about it on the web, but the opportunity to see the artillery first-hand and understand what our brave people went through in their line of duty is an unfathomed experience. The moment to witness those documents from the time, or the photos where our brave men and women fought shoulder to shoulder, sends chills of pride.

Visit a Veterans Hospital and take responsibility for their health expenditures

We know that people would think that it is government and the armed forces’ job and not the citizens. Well, you are partially correct because they worked for the armed forces under the orders of the Commander in Chief, but they did it so that the values incorporated by our founding fathers are never compromised.

The armed forces and their people are people of the same community, and they also have the needs we do. If you think that they get a lot under Section 8 of our constitution, think about all that they did to keep us safe, and then all of this will have no value. If you cannot afford it, then let the community come together to serve them as it’s our responsibility now.

Accept All as that is true Independence

Independence is not just a word but a feeling and a virtue of togetherness. It also means that we come together to treat everyone equally. Their ethnicity, color, gender, orientation should not bother you because we as The United States of America are a land of the free.

Accept people from all walks of life and do not bifurcate them on reasons that do not matter. As one of the content creators, Dhar Mann, says in his videos, ‘ It is not what is on the outside that matters, it is what is on the inside.’ This oneness is required, and you should visit the house of someone in need. Help them irrespective of their place of origin because the land is for all.

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