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The Land of the Rising Sun is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the North-Eastern region of India. The picturesque view of places in Arunachal Pradesh leaves you in awe of nature. It brings across a feel of serenity and bliss. We would want you to feel this moment where the birds are chirping, the sun is rising, the air is touching your face, and there is lush greenery all around you. Water hitting earth from the nearby fall, and you fall in love with yourself all over again is like going into a moment of tranquillity.

The charm of Arunachal Pradesh entices you to visit the place more often, and it is the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh that makes you go head over heels. The happiness, Holiness and Hospitality of the location will leave you in awe as you visit various places and enjoy the lip-smacking food offered across the state. Let’s take you on a riveting journey that helps you explore the history and helps you understand why you have heard about his places everywhere. So without further ado, let’s dive into it, and if you have some other ideas, feel free to chime in.

COCHIN, KERALA, INDIA – NOVEMBER 23: Workers in a ginger and spice factory, with star aniseed, pepper, cinnamon, in the Fort Cochin area on November 23, 2011 in Cochin, Kerala, India. (Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images)


We can’t start this article without mentioning Tawang that is the cleanest district in the region. The hygiene at the place is top-notch, and you will find people following all the necessary rules to keep themselves safe amid the rising global crisis.

The place is known as the cleanest district in North East India. Other places have followed the path and are on the way to become an example for others to follow. A refreshing meal like Pehak will make you feel better. You can always try some other food because the place has foods that make you fall in love with spices.

INDIA – FEBRUARY 28: Yellow turmeric on sale at Khari Baoli spice and dried foods market, Old Delhi, India (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Sela Pass

The pass has both religious and tourist attractions attached to it. It is considered sacred by Buddhists as they believe that there are 101 lakes around it. Snow covers this pass through the year, but it only adds to the elegance of the pass. Sela lake is also a part of this pass, and it freezes during winter, which makes the view mesmerizing.

Tawang was at ten thousand feet, and this is at thirteen thousand seven hundred feet, so it’s a given that the stomach would be screaming ‘Hungry.’ Treat your taste buds to Apong, which is rice beer. If you want to enjoy something lite that keeps you energized but doesn’t overburden your stomach, then you can go for Chura Sabji. Made from fermented cheese of Yak or Cow’s Milk, the taste makes you want to have more. You can always add bhut jolokia or raja mircha to make it spicy.


Now, let’s shift bases from Tawang and Sela pass to a place that offers you a wildlife sanctuary, museum, botanical garden and quaint villages. The Glow Lake in the Lohit District area beside the mountains fills you with various feelings all at once. Amusement, Excitement, Enthusiasm, Disbelief and Happiness all come and go at once in your mind. We suggest you spend some time in the lap of nature and hear the natural sounds around you.

After that breathtaking experience, let’s gather for something to feed the appetite. Marua will be the right choice, and unlike Apong, Millet forms this drink. If you are hungry and want to try something vegetarian, then Dung Po will be a perfect choice. Made from rice and on two brass utensils, the rice comes to you wrapped in leaves. The aroma of the food grows multifold, as does your willingness to grab it and enjoy it.

A man casts a net to fish in the Brahmaputra River at sunset in Guwahati on May 25, 2021. (Photo by Biju BORO / AFP) (Photo by BIJU BORO/AFP via Getty Images)


The place is perfect for history buffs, trekking and adventure lovers. Located on the banks of the Dibang River, it exudes peace and serenity. If you are on a trip to have some ‘Me’ time, then Arunachal Pradesh is the place to be. Nothing matches the natural beauty, calmness and serenity.

After the serene experience, if you want to shoot for something delicious, try the Bamboo Shoot dish. Drool into the taste of the bamboo and baking soda, which has additional spices in it to appease your taste buds. The cooking on low fire adds to the finesse of the dish, as you start repeating ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ in your mind.


The beauty of this place takes you in as you witness lush greenery, hills, and orange orchards. Every location has some local history, and if you like to take a trip into the location’s historical importance, you can connect with the tribals. This experience will help you learn about the rituals as well as traditions.

You must visit Mechuka Valley, Ramakrishna Ashram, Donyi Polo Temple, Patum Bridge, Kaying Villages, Jirdin and Hanging Bridge during your visit to Along. Let’s end this trip with a dish that you would have heard of worldwide, Momos. When you eat it here, you would quickly understand whether you have been served or swerved with momos all this while before this experience.

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