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Bollywood Movies are known for two things larger than life portrayal of things and songs. Believe it or not, the movie’s hero can run through fire, fight ten people at once, and even hit a shooting star press better than Evan Bourne, Ricochet and John Morrison. The most irrelevant part of Bollywood flicks are its songs, that can go up to 71 as they were in a movie titled ‘Indra Sabha.’ While it is from yesteryear days, new movies also have songs in them, and on occasions, one cannot even imagine.

Songs are a beauty of the Indian culture, and that is a welcome thing about the country. India believes in rejoicing in the smallest of things. It is an attribute that the world over needs to learn from the phenomenal people of India, but Indian movies have taken songs to a different cringe level. Songs on situations that may make you omit anything on television. The funniest part about Indian movies is that even if the lead actor or actress is poor, the songs will be in some breathtaking locations.

Think about someone who can’t make ends meet but shoot a song in Budapest or Maldives or something else. Here we are not talking about a director that makes schools look grander than any University in the world and uses the worst acting performers thinking that it would be a success by being the flag bearer of Nepotism. Every movie has some iconic shots shot at phenomenal locations, and Indian pictures also have them. We list four places that you should visit during your trip to India, or if you are in India, please travel to them.


Remember this name, and does it sound familiar to a spot in a movie? Sholay, considered the most iconic film in Indian Bollywood Industry, was shot here in the rocky terrains of Ramanagara in the Southern State of Karnataka for over two and a half years.

The movie gave Indian Cinema the biggest on-screen villain who, despite being an antagonist, was the protagonist in it. Gabbar Singh, played by the Late Great Amjad Khan Sahab, is the best villain on the 70-mm, and his iconic line ‘Jo Dar Gaya, Samjho Mar Gaya (The one who fears, already dies)’ is relevant till eternity.

Kashmir ki Kali

Kashmir ki Kali is one iconic film that embraces the beauty of Kashmir and the grace of Sharmila Tagore Ji. Shot in Srinagar, the place is a traveller’s delight round the year. From locations that make you fall in love with nature to the traditional dress, everything takes you on a scenic journey filled with a trip down history.

With temperatures going down and you feeling cold, sip Kawa, and rejuvenate yourself in an instant. The place is a delight for people of all food appetite, and the mild feeling of cold inside the rooms only adds to the thrill of the location.

Chaudhvin Ka Chand

The voice of the Late Great Mohd Rafi Ji speaks volumes about the historical importance of Lucknow. Every word about the city is true to its core, and over the years, Lucknow has become a hotspot for film shootings.

Movies of the current age tell you about how the City of Aadabs, Nawabs, and Kebabs looks like right now, while this movie you on a trip down memory lane when there was less traffic. The performances by the lead characters are some of the best you will see in Indian Cinema, but we have another one right below.

Garam Hawa

I got goosebumps thinking about this movie because while people are engrossed with another commercial movie Gadar that talks about a love story that pans between two countries that share the border, Garam Hawa is based on the Partition of India.

Shot in Agra and starring the Legend Balraj Sahni Ji and the Late Farooq Sheikh Sahab, this movie gives you chills because Balraj Ji’s performance is what every actor can aspire, but never attain the finesse in seven births.

The narrow lanes of Hing Ki Mandi, Nai Ki Mandi, Tajganj, Taj Mahal and the Fatehpur Sikri set the perfect stage for a time during Independence on-screen, and Balraj Ji’s poise, expression and performance speaks about his greatness. The opening lines in the voice and words of Kaifi Azmi Sahab make it a movie that only people who understand what performance is like can understand, and not the fake one we see on screen today. I tip my hat for you, Balraj Sahni Ji and Farooq Sheikh Sahab. The movie had exceptional performances by the other cast as well.

Do visit these places, and attain some beautiful moments about films, and food as your travel.

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