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The thing about Las Vegas is that it honestly feels like anything is possible. Except for winning, of course. There’s a reason why the old adage says you should never gamble with money that you’re not prepared to lose. Because you’re probably going to lose it.

That being said, The Strip offers a lot more experiences than gambling and shows. The resorts all have massive shopping centers as well as the odd array of stores that line the Strip itself. You will find some incredibly interesting shopping experiences here.

Bauman Rare Books Las Vegas

Telling you to hit a bookstore on the Las Vegas Strip seems antithetical to going to Sin City in the first place. But if you’re in town and you have a strong draw to super expensive old books, then you might want to swing by Bauman Rare Books.

On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t. Located in the Palazzo, this spot specializes in rare first editions, sometimes even signed by the author. If you’re into books on the level where you look for these kinds of books, you might end up spending serious cash.

Stupidiotic Las Vegas

Wandering The Strip can easily lead to sensory overload, particularly if you’re out there at night. There’s so much going on that it can be hard to process everything. Making a stop at Stupidiotic’s Vegas location can have a similar impact on you.

You’ll find this store in the New York-New York Hotel & Casino. This is one of those stores that is filled with every insane item you can think of as well as some even more ridiculous stuff you’d never be able to imagine. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have a moment.

The Las Vegas Sock Market

Las Vegas, The Strip

E367077. 04/04/00. Las Vegas, Nevada. The Rio Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip in the Nevada Desert. Picture by DAN CALLISTER Online USA Inc

Some people play the stocks while others play the socks. If you’re interested in the latter more than the former, then an excursion to The Las Vegas Sock Market is in order. And it’s about a lot more than just socks.

Okay, that’s not true. It’s about lots and lots of socks. If you do plan a sock buying trip, keep in mind there are two locations. On The Strip, you’ll find them in the Shoppes at Mandalay Place. But there’s also a location in Las Vegas North Premium Outlets, another worthwhile stop.

M&M’s World Las Vegas

Las Vegas, The Strip

UNITED STATES – 2002/01/01: USA, Nevada, Las Vegas, View Of New York New York Hotel And Casino At Night. (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Big, branded stores for massive multinational brands are nothing new. They exist in tourist areas all around the world. That being said, M&M’s World Las Vegas has to be seen to be believed, particularly if you’re a fan of the popular chocolate treat.

At 28,000 square feet spread over four stories, you can bet you’re going to find virtually any M&M’s branded product you could possibly imagine. Thinking about it makes me want head down to 7/11 and buy some M&M’s right now. Who says marketing doesn’t work?

Hawaiian Marketplace

The strange thing about spending time on The Strip is that there are so many international-ish experiences. There are casinos and resorts themed to Paris, Venice, Luxor, and more. And that’s just the start of what The Strip has to offer.

Slightly north from M&M’s World Las Vegas is the Hawaiian Marketplace, the best spot in Las Vegas to find the Aloha spirit. This 80,000 square foot outdoor shopping space has a market feel with unique items you won’t get anywhere else. Well, except for Hawaii.

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