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Mizoram is in the northeastern side of India, and is rich in picturesque beauty and food.

The Northeastern side of India attracts visitors from the world over. Indians like to visit this place for the terrains, picturesque view, mountains, cool breeze, and food. No matter where you go in India, food will taste different, as would water. There is a famous quote in India, ‘4 kos par paani badle 8 kos par baani,’ which translates to Water changes every 12 km or 7 miles and language changes every 24 km or 14 miles. It speaks volumes about the diversity in India, but it’s the unity of the country despite its diversity that makes it the best place to be.

As we write this, it brings me to one of India’s finest actors, Shri Tom Alter Ji, who talked about India in an interview, and his vision was so beautiful that you would be mesmerized by it. There can’t be a better way to explain India than how he put it across. The beauty of India is that you will have spicy food, sweet food and even foods that you would have never heard of anywhere.

Mizoram is another state of the Indian geography where places will put you in awe of life, nature, while the food will feed the appetite and make you feel drooling for more. You can’t wait to know about food and locations, and neither can we, so without further ado, let’s dive in, and if you have some other thoughts, chime in:


Reiek is a place at a distance of 29 km or 18 miles from Aizawl in Mizoram. A mountain that puts you in reverence of its lush greenery and the view that can help you see the plains of Bangladesh, India’s neighbouring country, on a bright, sunny and clear day. Reiek is at 1465 meters above Aizawl, and the place is serene and makes you feel lost in the lap of nature.

Beauty can mesmerize you, but since you travelled at such an altitude, your food cravings will be asking you to eat something that gives you the taste of the food. If you like non-vegetarian food, then Misa Mach Poora will be your perfect companion. Made with Shrimps, fresh orange juice, grilled prawns and sesame seeds, this will get your lips to do the talking.

Mizoram State Museum

No matter where you travel or what you do, it’s always a good idea to dive into the history of the place and people. It helps you understand the things that are valid and things you should avoid at all costs. The situation remains the same for people travelling from any part of the world or even the same country.

The ethnographic museum came into being in April of 1977 and has stood the test of time. The museum galleries consist of Textile Gallery, Ethnology, History, Anthropology, Natural History, and an Archaeology Terrace. A dive into the history of the location opens up avenues of learning for you. Chhum Han is a dish made from mixed vegetables. In an attempt to keep its natural taste in place, no masalas make it to the taste. Ginger for extra flavour, and that’s it you have a dish that will fit anyone’s diet and feel good.

Blue Mountain National Park

Located in Phawngpui, the national park is one of the two National Parks in Mizoram. It is near Burma, and the beauty as well as the record of having Phawngpui, which is the highest peak in Mizoram, your approach will change automatically. It provides space for flower and fauna of varied types, and the colourful view makes you feel better on the outside and serene on the inside.

Mizo Vawksa is a traditional tribal dish made with pork and other herbs. Mizoram has its cuisine that make you feel good in the tummy, and with the yummy taste, your taste buds are in for a treat. If non-vegetarian is your middle name, then you will love it to the core.

Tuirivang Waterfall

Nature has its way of captivating us, and it never ceases to amaze us. Tuirivang Waterfall lets you immerse in its enchanting beauty, mesmerizing sound and a view that is second to none. It is easier to travel terrains and ride a bike or drive a car, but to hear the unheard voices of the water falling and its mixing with the abundant water, life feels complete.

To complete this tour, let’s end it on a sweet note, and nothing matches the sweetness of Mizoram’s Koat Pitha. Rice flour and banana make the dish look crispy on the surface but is warm and soft on the inside. The taste bursts inside your mouth, and you can feel all the sweetness and other flavours that your taste buds are enjoying.

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